Event Dragons and Avatars

Does anyone no if this a plan layed-out for finishing/leveling up dragons that have been started in seasonal and weekend events. And will new / future players ever get the chance breed and level these dragons in the future? Please feel free to add to this line of questions if you want to.
Thank you,
DocHollliday. (Doc)

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Hahahaha, these forums… I’m dying…



you mean return old divine dragons, but in a different tone?

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Well people keep asking so lets just give them the answer they want:

YUP they sure will! next season… always NEXT season.


Or you could say “tomorrow” because “tomorrow” never comes. It is always today. The day of the week may change, and the date may change, but you never reach “tomorrow” because we live in the present, not the future :slightly_smiling_face:

Shhhh dont tell them.

Next season you will be able to get all the old divines. they will each have their own line. just wait for next season.

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Also save all your sigils from this season, they will be expensive.


good point coach… Next season will be special because not only will you be able to get all the old dragons. But you will finally get to use all the left over sigils from past seasons. so start saving!


You guys are terrible :rofl:

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It’s rainbow color too :heart_eyes:

If you’re asking about divines that are not in the current season, they will not be made available again.

You missed it, was a special one hour only thing yesterday

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In before the close… :hugs::+1:

The answer is yes! Of course they will do that! In fact it is a special discount branch this season that will come out in 99999999999999999999999999 days.
Oh wait… you say there is less days in a season then that? Oh well nevermind then.

Hi Doc, the old divines won’t be offered again … nor will their evolve stones and associated avatars. The current season’s divines and avatars will only be available for the season. Please make sure you use up all your sigils since they won’t be carried over into the next season. I hope that answers your question. :slight_smile::rose:


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