Event dragons versus normal dragons question for PG

I was just wondering why pocket gems are even bothering with normal dragons any more , the game has litrelly gone event dragons only. Pocket Gem are slowly sucking the life out of the game by continously pouring in new event dragons.
Hell there is no skill involved any more its just tear a base a new one with event dragons. I have seen players around the lvl 50 mark ripping through lvl 100+ bases purely with an event dragon.
The laugh of it all is , no one is actually bothering with normal dragons now not even any of the original divine dragons , and due to the constant “new” event dragons being released each season. The previous seasons dragons are left to rot along with the normal dragons.
I mean are PG purposfully trying to ruin the game or what??? Hell even Mage towers are pointless with event dragons having white spells.


I am 100% in agreement with you.

It also shows when level 200+ players are way behind in their breeding and are hitting you with level 35 divines, i kind of have to laugh at that. Then i hit them back with my level 50’s because i’ve kept up with my regular tier breeding :grin:


My point exactly. I was hit by a level 180 player. So for a laugh i thought i would revenge the attack little did I know using sage that I would ACTUALLY win. Realistic speaking I should NOT have been able to revenge that base solo. I am only lvl 131 , but thanks to event dragons i was able to :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Well, level doesn’t say anything. Base layout does…
And it’s been answered by one of base masters here…


I had a level 190 hit me in war (level 77 at the time with level 27 towers on my kill island) and the level 190 only had platinum drags. Took him 3 “event drags” to get through my base to 70%.

There is a lot that has to do with base building vs dragons that can take it. My lowly level 77 has solo’d level 120 bases that were weak, yet I got owned by a level 68 base in war that I tried to solo.


For starters most bases in the game are very poorly designed. Most are trash and easy to clear from a much lower level.

And that is your first answer. I laugh at most bases I have seen. Most do not even know how to use mage towers or any tower for that matter.

New perch and rider buffs will help alot… if you have access to them.

I agree totally with the OP. It connects as well with max xp. When I get to max my tier dragons and for them to take maximum xp I need to attack a base 6x stronger which is impossible 🤷 meaning the den cap FOR TIER dragons is wrong

In all truth only events dragons are really useful except a very small selection of tier ones like hau

I am assuming you meaning a freshly hatched tier dragon in your post. Heck, after a few levels I can handle a training base just fine with them. I have never had to attack a significantly stronger base to get max xp on them. Certainly not 6x stronger regardless of what is meant with that.

No, I meant expert dragons. And I didn’t mean xp bases, real bases I mean. The 6x I mean is dragon attack power Vs base defense

May I ask which dragon it was,and was it undefended Attack?
Won’t be completely agree,that ALL normal dragons are trash
We still have some cool dragons in every tier
Also don’t agree about rage drain island.Try to pass it with 2 defenders and solo base with nice layout-you’ll have hard times
If we are talking about this one button dragons,like Kinn or Equestor-it’s not a big deal at all
they can do some nice attacks on undefended bases,and die at the same base at 0% with defenders
So it’s all depends

But will be cool to see some better regular dragons for sure
There is only few which worth staying in active roster after breeding tbh

My fomhar at lvl 22 (Platinum tier) soloed a lvl 277 yesterday. The 277’s highest tower was 45 which means he is still in garnet breeding :joy:

There are some good tier dragons though divines are much easier to obtain imo.

My alt at lvl 72 (lvl 25 kill island) atm has killed a lvl 200+ attacking with a sapphire tarand… :joy: So there are examples of poor high level accounts.

PG is “trying to limit,” white spells in divine dragons. Mage towers aren’t useless coz the supershot will suck the rage out of a dragon.


Well, I like the question. My theory is that the divine dragons are very good motivators to players to either grind or spend. (preferably the latter - from business perspective). Regardless the reason, players will be drawn to the game, keeping it alive.

Lineage (normal) dragons are fun, and necessary for the progress. Even if they are less useful / used, they are fun to train, and once they are breedable, perfect for hoarding XP while waiting for the feeding event to come.

Although I must admit the volume of new seasonal dragons is tremendous. I love watching when someone hits my base with any dragon older than Kinnarus.

So casting aside warriors, and bad layout bases, sekhem with 10 or 12 M AP against 200+ around 60M bases, at least 45 levels. I was lvl 162 and he still would gain just half of my max xp…

Which is very satisfying :grin:

I think they are doing way too many season dragons now. I would prefer just to have the option of one hunter, one sorceror and one warrior per season and then have other prize areas to focus on- such as a better “breeding” one with more egg tokens in it or something to help overcome the sapphire+ breeding issues.

The release system for this season was painful for me. Having to wait 6 weeks to decide whether I wanted any of the later dragons wasn’t fun, it meant I was doing events with no real driver because I didn’t know if I would even want any of the dragons (wasn’t keen on the first 2).

Apart from apophet so far (newly into garnet tier), I haven’t bothered going beyond breeding level for the lineage dragons because they aren’t as good as the divines. I have a few on my list I want but I predominantly just breed to evolve my divines at the moment which makes the lineage
dragons seem a bit pointless :smirk:


Divines took over the game because they’re the only form of lateral growth outside of Atlas. If current divines aren’t better than previous divines, no one will care about them, so the pressure is on PG toward power creep. Combine with soul-crushing costs for vertical growth (the various gemstone walls) and the inane insistence that players spend months breeding dragons that no one actually wants (“woo, I get Anapa and Iteru this event! Game changers!”), and it’s pretty natural that divines are what players focus on.

Ways to fix this include
(a) giving lineage dragons some buffs. This isn’t happening; the team doesn’t like to spend time on things that don’t benefit current high spenders, e.g. giving facelifts to dragons that are behind most heavy spenders
(b) reducing costs for pre-endgame content to move more players to the part of the game where the team actually has bandwidth to deal with balance issues. There are dozens of threads on the forums asking for this, and a few very well thought out and balanced proposals describing exactly how to implement it, and zero signs of movement from PG’s side. :man_shrugging:

If they took out a reasonable level 100 as a level 50, they probably had at least some skill. That’s still orange tier, for current divines; I was trying out Fomhar early in his evolution, and I could only successfully solo 10-20% of 100s. For reference, at 104 I could solo most mid-200s. (Defended or undefended; most people really don’t know what to do if you dodge a rage drain.)

Did he fall asleep during the fight, or what? A max platinum divine hunter two-shots level 27s. He can also shrug off 5-6 flak supershots before the 6th-7th kills him.

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Probably he spammed his ammo on the flak while the storm was shielding :eyes:


Cloak is right. They didn’t focus on the storm and tried to take the blue mage while I pounded them with the flak.

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I love it when attackers do that while I’m defending :laughing:

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