Event end and actual event end

There’s 5 and a half hours left in round 16 of 16 in this event, yet 9 hours 57 left on the event clock…are we having a 3 and a half hour round?

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They just wanted to give an extra 3 hours to people try to reach their point goal without worrying about how it will impact their team :rofl:
But seriously, I’m curious about this too, bc the last round ends before I get out of work and I need to know if I need to take a bathroom break or not if the event is going to end at round end or event end…

@PGJared (I see you still poking around :see_no_evil: ) @Arelyna @PGCrisis

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I got woken up early for a minor emergency. I’ll check this out as soon as I get to the office. (@Arelyna will likely beat me to the office though.)


Thanks@jared😊 Makes a big difference for war planning;)

I’m checking into what is going on with this now and will update as soon as I have an answer.


Any answer?

What’s the rush? It’s not like this is time sensitive or anything…


Awesome, thank you @arelyna;)
Are wars going to be enabled?

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Will the points achieved after the Team event ends count towards global ranking?

Thank you, that i wanted to be, that Teamprizes will be calculated with 16 of 16 rounds, because we used all our stuff for that… and didnt expect a 17th round.

As a only personal reward bonus round it can stay, but not affect our team… Thank you ! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the apology and the chances of getting the next prize… :hugs: but I’m really curious to know the next event lol :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

It counts towards personal global ranking from what I am hearing.

Well I had a question about the START of this event. How come it started so early? We still had SIX WARS counting down the last hour and then the event was on and everything was CHAOS! Both the Wars and the Event Join Flag is Red, so backup players had no idea if they were backing for a war or event, big difference because we had a bunch of young players VERY nervous about targeting higher level players for the first time.
In my six months playing this game, I have never seen an event start before the previous day’s wars finished. It was such a catastrophe, we had players freaking out and either not doing their war runs OR several of them swear they DID do WAR runs, but they weren’t recorded.

I think having a round for members who need to reach their personal goal without causing their team points is great. I really like the “oops” mistake. If this can be a constant thing, then I think people will participate more in target attacks then attacking for personal points here and there. This will probably bring up team morale and game play.


Yes I totally agree - and this ‘mistake’ today allowed me to cover off my own little (massive) mistake of almost missing out on 275 sigils - I thought I had got the points to claim it but it turns out I didn’t. Thankfully I was able to run some runs after the team portion ended to get the sigils… :+1:

I can’t get into the game let alone the event to finish my personal prize. Keep getting “updating servers” message.

Only needed a pack of 100 to reach next prize level

I thought we were going to be able to continue collecting personal event points, every time I got to the island and click on the battle tab it states the event is over.

Is this correct?

It’s officially over now

I can’t get in to know it’s over.