Event energy costs not resetting correctly

@Arelyna I would like to again bring to your attention an inaccuracy in the stated reset time for energy between rounds. Two rounds ago, I purchased one 100 pack of energy for ten energy packs, four minutes before the energy costs were supposed to reset, on 3 accounts (I have 3 devices). This was strategic as I waited for the extra energy to tick up before purchasing a 100 pack to use the next round.

Imagine my disappointment when I went to buy a second 100 pack of energy to find that the cost had not reset! It was going to cost me a fortune in energy packs and rubies!

To verify this, I waited until the end of that round, and on one account, I purchased a 100 pack of energy for twenty energy packs BEFORE the round ended. Sure enough, costs reset at the end of the round. Energy costs DO NOT RESET ten minutes after the round ends, they reset WHEN THE ROUND ENDS. The game clearly states that they reset ten minutes after each round when you hit the plus button to purchase energy.

There is a ten minute discrepancy in the stated time for energy costs resetting. I did not restart my game between rounds in order to see if it was because I had not restarted my game the first time, but all 3 accounts reset energy costs correctly the second time.

There is a previously submitted ticket here:

Which I found when I went to submit this to the forums. It is locked, or I would necro the heck out of that thread. It bugs me that this was actually discovered previously and not fixed, and unless I had found out the hard way as I have, I would not have found this thread. Should I seriously have gone to the forums to make sure energy costs would reset at the time that they say the do when I got the idea to wait until the end of the round? It’s not like I go check the forums to make sure I’m still getting 100 energy when it says I’m buying 100 energy, why should the reset time be inaccurate?

As I previously stated, energy costs reset after the round cooldown (at the start of the next round).

With all due respect, they do not. They reset at the end of each round, and the reset timer still shows time left until reset.

@Arelyna The timer shows costs resets after cooldown. But during cooldown my main account showed 1 chest for 16 energy and 6 min til reset. I had done 8 supers and my energy cost was 4 chests for 16.

I purchased 2 of 16 packs for 1 chest each. After the next round started, the energy cost was 2 chests.

This indicated to me that energy resets at the end of the round, not when the timer shows the reset.

@Arelyna attached are screenshots proving that energy costs reset BEFORE the time stated in game, which is also before your stated time of reset.

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@Arelyna attached please find my screenshots describing this scenario as well


@Arelyna Here is my third account showing the same discrepancy with energy costs not resetting after the stated time. I would hope that my sacrifice to be able to bring these screenshots to your attention so that you could notify the appropriate parties would at least be worth the consideration.

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There is indeed a bug here. No screenshot but I bought energy packs during the cooldown, before the timer reset. When I waited until the new round began, it showed that I was already up to 2 energy packs when it should have reset at 1.

I can confirm all who posted on here are correct. Energy resets at end of round even though the timer says otherwise. Please get the engineers to fix. @Arelyna @PGCrisis @PGJared

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Here’s a fun one, my base energy cost is higher than 10 when I haven’t bought any energy this round (I’m trying to stack some energy up that’s why I have 132) and it even says it’s at a 20% discount…

Maybe u accidentally bought 16. You have 132 energy. If you only bought 100 last round you should have 116. If you accidentally bought 16 this round then it’s 132.

I did a few stacks in the previous rounds and used a bit to make sure we kept standing, I assure you I didn’t purchase any energy in that round before the screen shot as it was my first log in since the prior round ended.

:man_shrugging: The number is just so coincidental that’s all.

Hey Everyone! Thank you for sharing that this seems fairly confusing what time energy resets. If you could please PM me a ticket number, it will make it easier for me to bring to the engineers.

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