Event failer, somthing must change

every event when i use an energy pak, i doin’t get my points, every event he. now 3times, back 1200 pionts that i dit nog get. this must change, can someone cheque it out wand do somtinf about it. an what do whe get in return now…

Have you logged a ticket in game. Settings>Help>contact us?

I agree with @Psarus. Send a ticket into support. They can better investigate what happened with your points and energy packs

How do you send a ticket to support? I am having similar issues with the event we’re my points aren’t being credited after runs.

In game, you click the gear icon (shown by the red box):

And then tap “Help” which will take you to our support form.


Lost points too, lost super attack and inner too went fo send ticket to pg and cant contact them​:woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:Does annybody know why?

@Brown1sugar Can you send me a PM?

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