Afternoon All!

PG whats with all the glitches with every Bloody event? Either you guys are Lazy to actually Fix things when they go wrong or you Just ignore important Tickets!:rage:

We understand 2020 was a crap Year for everyone…but CAN you as a Team actually try Not stuff up 1 event atleast??

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I’m assuming your playing on a device that is a little close tpo being out of date / WiFi connection which could be causing this, idk much about this but being a logical nerd with details so … I think this should be ticketed.

Did you by chance ticket this?

PG is currently on vacation as most companies do around this time of year, however there are people answering tickets still so that’s the way to go if you continue having issues.

Obviously a good idea to do the basics such as restart, possibly reinstall, check wifi connection, do some voodoo in the side room to make it work etc, but after that just be as patient as possible with support as they’re probably short staffed. Also I heard someone say it’s best to not reply to the ticket you created because the system will recognize the reply as a new ticket and you’ll lose your spot in the que.

Best of luck though!


The device is No issue…using the Samsung S20 and internet connection running Fibre 150Mb line!:grin: i have sent a ticket with a screenshot , But still No response​:pleading_face:

Hmm I think it’s your space in your phone that is the problem mainly

No chance champ! still 127GB available🤣
None the less we shall see what the outcome is , as i do believe a couple of my Teammates are experiencing the Same issue🤔

Works fine for me lol