Event Idea: Make Defense Count


I hope this is the right place for this. I wanted to suggest an idea for the PvP events: make defense count towards event points. Players win because it’s another way to earn points, and PG wins because it increases player time. It also add another dynamic, because now people are motivated to defend.

My two cents.


I agree defense needs to be implemented more so in the game… it’s a nice function and interactive function working with other team mates… and yet…
Most times the banner flashes by with 0 joins. No incentive to defend.


Don’t think it will work. Most likely PG will give you a very small amount of points compared to the points the attacker has lost. It hurts the whole community as a whole if defense is more common.


I see no harm in allowing more points.

Although simply stopping a competitor is usually enough reason. I’d love to stop all of the crying about defenders…

That being said you still need an event that’s fun to play. Currently we have a lineup of (virtually) unlimited megacoin points. Where is the fun in that. Might as well just have a spend meter and whichever team pays the most wins.


Could it not be made that for every successful defence both the base owner and the defenders get a split of the points the attacker would have won if they were successful?


I am on the philosophy that defenses already do count. A successful defense in most pvp events stops your team from losing progression. However, I think adding in better incentives to defend is something that needs to happen as I have expressed before.


I think the act of defending is largely unrewarding in most scenarios in the game, the exceptions being wars and Atlas actions. And even then, with wars, you’re better off defending the Hell out of your highest bases and allowing the weakest bases to be taken (maybe getting a defense point out of them, but not anticipating that you’re going to stop the attack).

With Atlas it’s particularly frustrating. Say you’re on a team with a few “bigs”. Atlas attack starts, they move in their primarchs, and you’re on defense duty. That “big” is going to get glory from their attacks, and you’re earning them glory on the defense side as well. So your actions as a defender get you, what, a couple of defense shields and a hammer or two, while the person you defended gets glory for both the attack and the defense?

Defending a base other than your own should reward more than it does. It doesn’t need to be all that much, but more than what it is.

Bronze chests, diamonds in Atlas, an increase in the number of defense RSS awarded…something.


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