Event is acting crazy!

While I was breeding the amount of frags I had on the dragon kept jumping all over the place. Then I exit out of breeding castle and was just watching the amount of tokens I had dropping fast, down to zero while I was not even breeding.
I’m thinking Lag just kept breeding the entire time? But now I’m not sure if any of it is accurate…
After a bunch of other stuff after event went live now game just keeps crashing & everything changing!

If I already had around 375 frags on Lusian and put almost 100 egg frags, then game just took 150k tokens put on Lusian he jumped up to 1165 / 1625
I got 189k event points while it was doing that
Does that sound about right or no?
I thought it seemed extremely low, 100 frags & 150k tokens & only gained about 800 egg fragments on Lusian? That would mean what?

Also I got 7k tokens for event prizes from all the prizes from 0 to 189k ? Thought this number seemed lower then normal too?

Just checking if any of this is close or way off because like I said game has been doing all kind of random stuff after event went live & crashing non stop

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Someone on FB reported they were using autobreed and it used up their rubies instead of eggs and she lost 70k rubies from it

Auto breed n not stopped itu gotta stop auto it dont stop upon exiting theres a post on here from months ago

Auto breed only stops, if an egg finished, you are out of tokens, you press the stop button, or the game crashes. It continues, if you e.g. are joining any banner until one of the above is happening…

What is also possible that you can do double breeding same dragon but I totally don’t trust PG here and don’t know, if it is of any benefit…


I’m going to hold off on breeding until the coast is clear. :eyes:


It’s sad but I screenshot the beginning & end for each dragon I breed. Need to have proof when things go wrong.

could be related to the bug where when you join an attack or defense while you’re on the breeding screen and breeding, it will continue to breed until you run out

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