Event is broken for me

Yesterday night I tried to start my event flights and got this “you can not attack”. Checked (not once) my teammate contributions, and lots of us didn’t score some points, so it is impossible. Support don’t want to take a look on both screenshots and, as always, said “it’s not the game, it’s your own problems”. What should I, as a team leader, do in that case? Why should I leave my team to get points in event because the game is broken again? Whom I need to tag to get correct non-bot (like I have from support) answer?


@PGEggToken maybe you can answer me?

The top message indicates the problem?

You swopped players into your team after the pvp island came up, if any of those did team quests, including the one you swopped out, only the first 50 can contribute.

If you had no players join/leave your team at all, then yes its bugged

PS - just to emphasize - TEAM QUESTS also count

it’s bugged and don’t look like team quests were started by 50 people (thank you for that info though)
now I had to join team in gold (just because I really want to use discount on a dragon), but I’d love to know that pg-team will see that events are bugged again

If there are only 15 members that have contributed to the event it’s unlikely that 35 more have done quests though :thinking:


doesnt have to be. it caught me out on my alt so thats how i know

eg. say 35 unique members did team quests (even just 1/80 supershots counts)

and say 15 unique members did the actual event (eg different ppl)

Was what caught me out, so thought i’d save him the 400 msgs to support to figure it out :slight_smile:

yeah, everything is possible in that game (unfortunately)
but I’m interested why I received possible answer here while support played such unprofessional (in your case it was the same? so it’s not something extra new)

Support was fairly courteous with me, was just a bit of a to-and-fro to get to the bottom of it, and away from the cut-and-paste responses.

But in this specific instance, support handled my query well

no compensation of course? :joy:


Why would they compensate you? You literally said you left the team to join another team to get the points/rewards. So you literally haven’t been hindered in any way. You didn’t give them any time to look into it and probably were just as rude to them as you came across on forum :man_shrugging:

if you ever wrote to support for any urgent question you should know what happens next. I don’t see any rudeness in saying to whole PGteam that some event is broken again, and where in my question to the other person you see any “give me compensation”? just asked that person about his/her case.

@PGCrisis @Arelyna
Some of my team mates couldn’t do event attack due to event broken , battle window looks like which was in the treasure hunt phase . Can u plz quickly take some actions to rectify this issue . If u don’t then don’t start the event until u r best fit to provide without any issues plz . Ticket also submitted.

Plz take some immediate actions .


@NitharshanNN, if you could provide me with a ticket number, I can better look into this. Thanks!

@MouseCactus: @Gox1201 is correct. Team quest participation (even if it’s a single action towards a quest) can make a player ineligible for the event even if those same players have not participated in the PvP portion of the event itself.

Thanks for ur quick response @Arelyna :wink:
My teammate ticket number #1215484
Others not in online now .

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Hey PG, @Arelyna @PGCrisis

Our team mate has had the exact same problem except stupider.
Screenshots have been taken and do show that he was marked as ineligible from the start of the event, treasure hunt phase, even although he had never left the team, and has been with us for long time.
Not only had fewer than 20 team mates scored yet in the event (as shown by the zeros scored above and below his position in the contributions list) but the quests had not had 35 players score yet either. When he logged in as the battle phase went live, he got the same message as above player did- cannot score, ineligible.

So the response he got given after submitting a ticket to PG was that if other players come in and out of he team, somehow this affects his eligibility if they score firstly before him, generally they said what has been already said above and previously regarding the first 59 to score for the team. Ok, but fewer than 20 had scored at that point- so wth?

Please can someone offer to assist- it would appear that the responder from PG did not fully observe nor follow that it clearly is a problem with this event, because less than half the team had scored in anything at that point! So I post here in the hope of an offer from someone at PG to assist in properly fixing!

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This is not how this game should be played. Events should be based on ‘Event’ points. If Pg is concerned about quest point contributions, remove those points from team contributions. We did not receive updated disclosure in rules of events.

My teammate’s who have never left the team should not be penalized.


I even have screenshots of 4 players who have 0 points on both quests and events. We have only replaced 1 player.

If you have not already, please submit a ticket. It’s the best way for us to evaluate an issue. You can submit one via support.wardragons.com or the gear icon in-game.

@Arelyna for your kind notice issue of that player still not resolved and this is my second teammate ticket number #1215614. Almost like 20 mails they sent but not yet solved . Plz consider this and do any immediate action which will help alot. Thanks .

Hello Arelyna

And thanks for answering.

Our team mate has submitted a ticket but the response he was given was to tell him that he is ineligible because other players scoring before him make him ineligible as he is after the 50th player.

As per the info above, the PG employee has not read was has been told to them- our ineligible player has always been with the team, and at the time he was first ineligible fewer than 20 of our team mates had scored. So it is not possible for our ineligible team mate to be scoring after 50 other players because less than 20 had scored.

We are asking for someone else who understands this to step in and help please, because clearly sending a ticket has done nothing, except annoy everyone cos of the standardised response that doesn’t actually fit what has happened to him.