Event items crossover?


Hey, so do I get to keep all of my siege weapons / energy packs / barricades for the next event or am I just crap out of luck?


yes, they carry over like the rest of the event specific items


That’s friggin great news mate. Thanks


Just be aware sigils don’t carry over through seasons nor years…
(Just a reminder. Better safe than sorry.)



I think this was the first KOTH we had this season though. I still had all my siege weapons from the last time we had it.


All the items will be carried over except for SEASON SIGILS. Those are specific to the season.


My bad, the most important word of the message didn’t make it through lol


lol well, it’s fixed now :rofl::rofl:


Is there somewhere I can go to check when seasons end or will I be notified in game


Tap on the event icon > Season tab > tap on any prize > See Dec 5, 2017


Y’all are the best thank you


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