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Just a suggestion but i feel the events last too long by the second day most people are burned out on pvp events and out of resouces on breeding feeding and building event. I would like to see event start about 2 days later but thats just me.

I dont get the point, what is the different between normally and 2 days later beside the fact we have less time in event and more boring time in between event?

Please, no…

  • PvPThere are many players who rely heavily on cheap refill cost instead of spending all of their packs at once.
  • BreedingMany players do multiple breeding in one event. Cutting the breeding event period means cutting their training time, which makes extreme training go beyond insanity.
  • FeedingConstant perch feeding means more points...
  • FortThey are limited to speedups. However, longer period means more time to get the resource. Make it shorter and the resource will vanish completely.

Not sure of the timing but I get extremely bored of pvps after a couple of days, more because it’s just repetitive grinding for points with no real outcome than anything else (breeding you get new dragons, fort you make your base stronger, pvp you just use up your resources). That and PvP events are exhausting. Shorter events would work for me but there would need to be something inbetween to keep the interest/activity up- Tuesdays are horrendous :wink:

Scrap feeding and if needed, combine with breeding. Shelving and saving dragons for feeding makes the event all the more sad.

I respectfully disagree. I have always found feeding to be a pretty easy way to get more free stuff. I just keep stacking enough xp on my lineage dragons so that I have more than enough to feed for points.

All my seasonal dragons are fully fed and capped shortly after uncapping.

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Being able to get points for feeding useless dragons is win win. I like free stuff

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:thinking: Try having 48 war instead…

Events are already pretty damn broken and I don’t think changing their length is going to change this nor make them more interesting/less grindy. More time lets you get more points IMO. Less stress to hurry the hell up and check in to do PvP runs and all. Busier people (unlike me) might end up missing whole events if they only last a few days. I like the length of events, personally. During breeding I can get some new dragons, level those up, and breed again. PvPs can get grindy but I love helping my teammates in them. Besides, what would we do on weekends? :t_rex:

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I wholeheartedly agree with this :+1: :t_rex:

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I am all for going back to events starting Friday and ending Monday. If the events were fun and you could do well without spending it wouldnt be bad that they last longer. Alas they are not and you can’t so, shortening the events has my vote.

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You cannot shorten the length of Breeding or Fort! Especially not Breeding after your initial breed it takes awhile to build back up to breed or start on another!

With PVP though It wouldn’t hurt (might be better) to take off 8/12 hours of the treasure hunt phase so it would only be 12 to 16 hours long and then take another 12-16 hours off the event.
Taking 2 days off would be to much!

Feeding should be considered a mini event & only last like 48 hours! (hate this event!)

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