Event MVP for future events

Hey I have an idea that’ll make everyone happy . Just like wars we have MVP’S I think for each and every event we should have event MVP’S . Take in to consideration what type of event it is and set up different ways that’ll earn them MVP’s like the event we are in now concur the world . MVP should go to the player who not just has the most points obvoiusly cause anyone can spend money but people who have the most deffensive stops with most assists and points . Other events should meet different criteria’s obvously but in return doin this it’ll get teams more fired up , more motivated , and have more activity along with driving teamwork to the top getting people more instinct with one another . This would also be good for game designer it’ll get people to wanna spend more and compete more … But for game MVP’s they should get rewards and it should of there choice . They should have options. :100::muscle:t4::raised_hands:t4:

Reward the heavy spenders even more, solid plan :man_shrugging:


They already launched Team Achievements to fired up the teams :crazy_face: First try to complete all those achievements :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and tbh MVP is kinda overrated ! Wars arent won by just 1 member or the other 3 who made on that page and same thing goes with event :man_shrugging:t2: So this idea :-1:t2:

Fail :joy:

(Ten C)

Did you read the entire post?


There is often one or two players that completely stand out from the crowd anyways, either by grinding their asses off or by spending money for achievements. You would have to skew the weighting so far towards the defensive side to make this even remotely even, and then you will get everybody bitching even more than they already do in league chats about people defending event runs.

Think outside just the words in the post, there are consequences that come along with every action or implementation in the game. Try some out of the box thinking and see what other problems you can see arising from this


Worth it just to see all the whining in LC. All those poor imaginary no-defense treaties.


I don’t have a specific opinion on this. Was just pointing out that it seemed as if a few of the OPs words flew right over your head.

I hope this isn’t too off topic but I wouldn’t mind if there was a small reward for war MVP. Maybe when you click the :white_check_mark: above the Town Hall (or whatever it’s called) that makes that MVP/rankings page pop up it could automatically have a little overlaying window for the MVP to claim their prize (1 gold chest?) before returning to the usual page of rankings? Automatically so that you don’t miss out on claiming if you leave the page (since you can’t return to it). Just a thought.

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I feel like I remember amoeba’s site having mvp rewards listed when the feature first came out (I.e., an avatar for 10 mvp wins, yada yada), but never saw anything come of it :-/.

The game crashs multiple times everyday and events sometimes don’t start properly, so do we really need such trivial stuff as an Event MVP over loading game more then it’s now.

I’ve only had that experience 1 time but all that would be taken into concideration simply by messages pg or help support

That’s a great idea as well

Rite :joy::joy: people need to stop crying and just play . Defending is part of the game if it wasn’t they would’ve never added that feature to the game . The ones that say don’t defend be the ones finishing first cause there defending

I agree people are goin to be composing and bitching but to bad . How else are we gonna get stronger if we’re not competing and slicing things up ? Change sometimes brings back motivation . People need to stop crying and just play the game

Was that Amoeba just playing with ideas or was that actually supposed to be a thing? More avatars just in general would be great

The idea definitely does it suck . All it’s doing is wanting your team to compete harder with eachother to want to achieve rewards to become more powerful to be able to defeat stronger opponents while still competing with everyone in league for league events rewards with team event rewards and mvp event rewards .

No not reward the heavy slender it’s more like reward the most active . You can’t pay play defense or join in on battles to help your teammates win that’s why you take all the into consideration

I really don’t know only been playin about 9 months

So long ago that i can’t really remember if PG themselves ever stated it to be a thing. I just clearly remember his site having a list of all contribution points that tallied into becoming MVP, and a list of milestone prizes. May be something that got scrapped at the ground floor? Don’t really think amoeba just put it up for fun, but who knows.

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