Event Mythics Fly Test

Hi all, Last season, like many of you , I did my best to claim all keys necessaries and unlock a mythic and once I did it, I was very disappointed by my choice. Only I can’t do anything about it. Once you chose it’s not reversible.

There for I thought would be nice if we could have the chance to test the mythics
before choosing. Just like we did with Namaka.

What do you all think ? Wouldn’t it be better to be sure you really made the best choice ?


We’ve seen these posts before. No word from PG though. So we sorta gotta just collect opinions and just make as much of an informed decision as we can. And maybe, just maybe cross our fingers for the future.

wish pg did that again, but owells.

btw, there have been plenty of videos and forum posts/replies about them though.

have you watched/read them ahead?

Just changing a mythic may be problematic (back to zero XP, spent rune dust, chisels to take off runes/glyphs).

This could be part of a bigger “playground” feature, where you can build any base and try out any dragon at any level with any runes etc (for no gain, resources, XP, or anything else).

However, I wouldn’t want to ask PG for any new feature until they fix a whole lot of bugs first.

Yes, I did watch the video PG release on YouTube and I was quite impressed. Spells as well looked good. Danav seemed to be a beast and turned out to be the joke of the season. When he encounters a high level mage he is as good as dead. I wish he had one more spell like white death gaze or something similar

i meant as in vids from actual players, not those false ad.

Yes, i know what you meant . Unfortunately no i didnt think about watching that.
We are working hard during a whole season, i believe PG should give us the chance to test fly the mythics before deciding. If we all ask,i am sure he will accept.
One or two fly tests, like we did with Namaka !
If he allowed us with that dragon why wouldnt he allow us with the mythics ?!

not gonna happen!
firstly that was because it was a new class!
secondly pg wants everyone to get both for money wise
thirdly you wait till others make videos and give reviews
forthly lol it caused issues with the nam as ryu maybe you didnt have some did and couldnt attack at all

real simple this thread has been posted a number of times
and you can always ask @moderators to actually open one of the other topics about this