Event now gone🤷‍♂️

I only been here a little more than 1 years but this game just…
i have no word to describe how disappointed i am with them right now
This is by far the longest i have play any game

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Event icon back up and timer says 18 minutes… :man_shrugging:

Event was up again now it’s gone again

Ridiculous what are they playing at?

I have no clue anymore but it’s ridiculous

PGGalileoSenior Community Manager


We are nearing a conclusion to our current workflow. Expect there to be some weirdness in the app for just a bit (minutes, not hours) as we tidy up the backend.

Well no event so guess he was technically right

Have you tried turning it off and on again? :joy::joy:

What does that mean

Did you try rebooting everything like you tell us? That should solve your issues lmao

:crossed_fingers:t3: They are adding back the rubies

well, that was my best guess.

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