Event of the week : GAUNTLET — Should we buy energy so cheap

I didnt post in the forums sorry for the weekly event , my job as doc keeps me busy these days .

Is it safe / legit to buy cheap energy ? Or is it a bug ?


Which pg to tag on this one ?

Could be a present from PG…

Afterall we get some presents these days.

PG knows that this event is the worst for personal points… Maybe they wanted give a discount on this one ?
Thanks in that case! :slight_smile:

If i fly 5 times with superattack with that 100 energy, its like getting 20 Attacks of that island… could be like 2,5-3k at beginning and from the discount arround 1-2k extra at least ! :slight_smile:

It’s not even 20%. It’s 50% off.

@RamenWithSoup @DragonPunch are u guys the right ones to give us an update?

Gustav gonna get massacred at the start of event now.

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I think this event had to get a update…

Because of the 82k points for the teamprize, where in other events you get for less effort that teamprize range, while in this event its really hard!

Specially when islands closes, during times where most are here.

A Update for Energycost would be a great help in that case… As far as i saw, the Platin chests arent out for this event.

Could be even tactic for the first day… to come up until last island for most. Instead of struggeling.

the costs are: 5-9-13-15. I hope it is a gift from pg.


But this event gives way more points per attack.

If you can get a shot on the latest islands. But in our case that one is finished in very few time, because most are together online… and after that the next few islands shut down too…

However in other events its much less, and still with much less effort obtainable…

The Keyword is effort… If you use more Effort in one event compared to all others, it shows something clearly.

I assume it’s a legit thing.


This seems to be a big win for teams in lower leagues where even finishing the island chain is often out of reach.

I don’t see any difference in the prizes :thinking:

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These are two lists of prizes (mine and missdreamfyre), I don’t find Morrein’s. They show that the prizes are unchanged.
The 450 sigils have always been at 117k points.


We get way more points in this event because of the island bonus, rewards are scaled to that. Sigils per energy is similar across all pvp events.

What do you mean about “island bonus” here? @Morreion

The your team has progressed through the chain islands the more individual points you get from the pvp islands

Is there a formula to calculate the 'island bonus"? E.g. if we defeat the last island, how much is that bonus? 10%? 20%?

110% bonus IIRC