Event on next week

What next event ? temple ride or?

I have a horrible feeling it’s Kingdom Wars


It’s in fact kingdom wars, Galileo confirmed it a few weeks back


So is it Temple raid first week of winter?

If i know pg that wouldn’t be the case cause it too beneficial


Gauntlet probably.

The War Dragons twitter account says KW.


This event is going to be KW.
It is on Twitter, and Gal conformed it a while back.

I’m talking about the first week of winter. Someone asked a question on that. That event is KW as well?

It has not been confirmed for week 1 yet, I don’t think so at least

Alrighty. I hope it’s Gauntlet though.

@PGGalileo since it was out of rotation briefly - any changes to kingdom wars this week?

There will be changes, I’m posting a blog about them shortly.

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