Event Page load every time



Hi . First thanks for your effort at this game . keep going

Second about (Event page load) ,
y this take long time to load every time ?
y making it like a web page not part of the game ?
I’m a developer that’s y i know there is much better way and faster , this web page has to load every time , and if the player not on Wifi or have slow connection it will take too much time .

so i hope if you can limit that loading time and do something about it .



With current resource (I’m talking about device resources) usage, won’t loading everything at once requires much higher specification?


The game loads even if you are out for like 1sec :joy::joy::joy: i wish they can do something about that


You can open the help page where you file a ticket, and then exit the game for a short while. You won’t have to reload the game when you return.


That’s what I’ve been doing for a while when I needed to check guides or the forum while playing. It creates less graphic bugs than split screens :blush:


I tried that…it didn’t work…

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