Event personal points bonuses?

Is it me or there are no Bonus rewards in Points Achievements this Fortification? My bar indicates that it won’t be full when I hit 2.4Mil but I do not see any bonus achievements. Usually they are scattered throughout rewards and then 4Mil, 6Mil etc. I know that I need to get close to 2.4mil before those show up but I haven’t noticed the lower tier bonuses that existed in the past.


I have too little points to comment on the issue for this fort… @Recramorcen how’s your fort going, did you get to 2.4M

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I havent either but to me the bar seemed different

I’m at 1.4 Mil right now and haven’t received any bonuses along the way. (I know they were there in the past). I also don’t see anything past 2.4 Mil.

I havent seen any either. I just hit 1.5 mil

They are they, showed up at around 2mln for me.

Thank you, I am still wondering what happened to the earlier bonuses though.

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I’m not sure the “inbetween” bonuses were ever there in fort. Breeding yes, but don’t remember them in fort


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