Event Plan for the Celestial Season 2021

Is there an event plan for this season? It would help planning for events before they started.

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There’s an event planner tool here:


PG does not give the events coming up in advance. They will announce the next week’s event on Mondays and the Creator Faction members usually put out updates starting at 8am pacific on Monday.

That said, we as players can guess at what is coming by following the previous season’s sequence. PG can, and has, changed things around at a moment’s notice. We are almost guaranteed that the predictions for Breeding and Fortification will hold true. It is mainly the pvps that may change position around. (Unless PG switches it around again like they tried to do to have a 3 week cadence instead of 4 the one time and all the players hated it, the 4 week cadence of Breed->pvp->Fort->pvp will hold.)


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