Event planning- Advice needed

Level 102, 150k Egg tokens left.
Following reds path.

Hi guys, i have a small dalima which i would like an honest opinion upon.

Currently i have got rizar(haven’t put it in incubator yet).
Next 2 steps is backbreeding which cant be done until level 108.
So my option 1 is to give up breeding now and slow build next fort to be in plat tier only and skip on sigil prizes.

Other options is :-
I breed the two baby drags at the cost of. 31k sigils each and then use them to complete entire platinum tier .(i am at 100k points and this will cost me 80k eggtokens to complete i.e 450 sigils benchmark).
Now if i do that i can easily put 3M points in fort to jump to shaphire tier.

Notable points :- i can easily level the new drags thanks yo extra xp in assault & I have 3 seasonal drags to carry me through platinum tier.
But i dont have any seasonal for shaphire (except krelos)so i need one more seasonal atleast upto garnet/emrald tier.


If you can progress, go for it. Look at the xp needed to level rizar and kaiju to level 12 and see if you can do it in 2 days(remaining) for this event. And one more thing is that even if you manage that you would still stay in platz cuz you have more dragons in that tier to breed so don’t overbuild in Fort thinking you are in saph. (PS its Egg tokens not sigils. If I had 150k sigils I would be goddamn rich rofl). Also prizes this breeding is not accurate. Check out the real ones in the spreadsheet vault in forums.)

Only one prob, they cant be leveled before level 108.
I can’t use the normal way to proceed

Then better slow down. That’s what I did. Don’t waste egg tokens and follow path! And don’t gain 6 levels just for this! That would cost you timers and points. Not worth it

You’re talking about breeding the other platinum epics with gold parents instead of backbreeding, right? If you have the parents and you have sufficient egg tokens and egg token income to keep going next event, why not?

However you should take stuff like this into account when making your fort plans. You’re looking at stopping at 125 when the third sapphire breed requires level 126. That seems like you’re setting up a potential repeat of the same problem.

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Yeah, but i will still have more timers+ lumber to reach 126. I didn’t cross-check.
I was thinking to complete entire plat this event, then next event gun for a mythic(either hauset or appophet).

my thinking wast to get enough sigils for a Warrior (discount ) to be at garnet/obsidian tier. Thats can be achieved if i go hard now, but if i stop, i will missout on warrior but will get some good point with CH line.
I will try to map out it out.
Thanks for the advice.

Assume the discount warrior will be a flying potato that’s barely worth incubating and you’re just getting its line for the incidental chests and other prizes. I would get as much cheap prizes as you can, because they’re cheap, not bc you need another dragon. After that the howitzer is probably the right plan, as the timers and resources are a great deal, but I’d also consider finishing krelos if you haven’t already. There are few enough good dragons that i think when one comes along you get all you can.


Already got him, but since I joined last season, i got 2 partial drags . From plat and above i am only dependent on krelos , so was looking forward to the discount drag.
Acc to my calculations, i will make 12k sigils by the week 6 end, so i can buy the Warrior to Harbinger.
If it is complete potato , i will straight up go for CH.
But if i dont breed now , i will net 10k sigils which will account to garnet legendary only.
That was my original dalima.:grin:

You could get some research eggs too, most people have trouble getting enough green eggs so could be a good opportunity for that.

Thanks everyone for your advise

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