Event points are wigging out

Your event points are whacking out fix them

Would everybody please wait a few minutes while the serves sync before coming to the forums to post? It happens every single event, if you have errors in a few hours then feel free to post up.


Thank you.


I’ve waited a freaking hour

Shouldn’t take a hour period I can see up to 5 minutes but a hour is kinda screwed up aye

Yup an hour does seem unreasonable for sure.

O look still screwed up n I haven’t put points since the first 10 minutes of event :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Oh look, write a ticket…

O look I did any more advice genius

Yes, don’t reply to your ticket or it gets bumped to the end of the queue lol

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Yea, stop complaining on the forums… Cuz it gets you nowhere :tada:

I can do as I please how about u not read it if you don’t like it

Me telling them to fix there game isn’t complaining it’s letting them know they had made another glitch with there update derp

I must have struck a nerve, but that makes me a snowflake… because I couldn’t go through the proper channels and needed the world to know I’m angry, oh wait… that was you


Angry nope :yum: people like you who get mad because one posts on forums probably

You silly.

I enjoy myself sometimes :grin:

Probably way to much that non of us need to know about

A little busy, with my event that works just fine :joy: thanks for asking

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It does work fine but there point system is trashed atm :joy: