Event points not registered...ever happened?

For this event, I used the menchengg’s Fortification Calculator. I was doing some last day building today, and I noticed I’m about 3 k points off where I should be. There was some brief gaps during this time when I apparently lost internet connection. Is it possible that this would result in a glitch where event points fail to register?

Can I ask specifically which towers we’re in your planner? I can go into the back end and double check the figures again to make sure they are all correct.

I found a slight error for L62 or L63 flaks that was a few digits off recently but it’s fixed for 3.05.0

Nowhere near level 60 towers lol. What was also interesting is that on my alt account, I also used the calculator and was about 1 k over what it should. Have no idea how it happened…it also corresponded to being off by 177 xp points.

Next time I’ll track the event points more closely to report the results.

Unfortunately I don’t recall the points I started with before today which would help with locating the error, but I was building One perch from 2 to 9, mills,
and dragons den.

K thanks I’ll start looking there. Which perch?

It was the first perch. I did try to corroborate some of the values in the spreadsheet with amoeba (but not in game) and they matched. Unfortunately I wasn’t going playing close attention to in- game values syncing up.

send a ticket to support with the information:

What time did you start your upgrade
What building did you upgrade

They can check that and see if you gained any points.

Better yet, ask them for a breakdown of all upgrades done during the event, then you can tally up the points yourself using Mech’s planner to see if it aligns with what you got in event. If it doesn’t you can then raise a ticket for compensation.

My view? I think you may have started a build outside of fort and mistakenly included it in your planner.

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“I think you may have started a build outside of fort and mistakenly included it in your planner.”

Nope, Not the case. I prepped the fortification spreedsheet the day before (with no construction), and waited until fortification started before building (checked the seasons tab, etc because of the armory debacle).

I’m more inclined to believe that there may have been a sync error, and I’m following it up with support.

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