Event points stop at 203k and not calculate more

test,hi I get problem with points after 203k their not calculate more,stay all time in 203k.But I spend already more 1000k fire shards and more 100k wood

Try to reset the event and/or your device. Sometimes it takes a minute to sync

this thing usually happens at the start of the event.

This should calm down after a few hours, but yeah, your points should be there in a few minutes at most. If not, you can contact support to check all your upgrades and points gained.

updates to points and item counts in inventory seem to be VERY delayed.

My event point in event screen and team mate contribution r different , y ?

They’re always delayed at the start of the event(s) due to server overload(?). Mine have always caught up :man_shrugging:

@PGJared @PGCrisis @Arelyna

Its similar in our team… many people have much higher points… but when you look at what your teammates did, it stacks somehow and dont show right amount.

So probably teamarchivements dont go as they should.
Please fix this server issue or what it is :slight_smile:

Done that already

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