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Just writing to see if other people had issues with event prizes and season branch collection, last week I claimed prizes and after 5 mins it disappeared or reset and had to do so again. I have contact support numerous times with screenshots with no resolution as they say nothing is wrong. My latest ticket which was a result was that I claimed the 50% discounted garnet evolution stone last week and when this event started, it was unclaimed with support not willing to do anything about it. Ticket number: 1076994

Any help or information that could help would be great. I have force shut down and reinstalled the software.

If you claim the season prizes too fast, you can cause the system to glitch out and get a sync error. Did you wait for the spinning white wheel to finish spinning and the word “claimed” to appear before moving onto the next prize?


This is what I do, always wait for it to process one claim before doing the next one. I occasionally get a resync/glitch still, but that always means I just didn’t claim that one prize (and never lose the sigils). Anecdotal evidence of course, but so far being patient while claiming has worked for me.

Yes each time I also wait, make sure I get item is claimed is shown then moved onto the next. I have even opened up season claimed one then closed and re open again. Same problem

In that case, I’d tag Jared to see if he can look into the issue.

Sent a message to Jared and the team is looking into it.

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