Event Prizing Update - Ask Me Anything!

Link to current event prizing doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ltmr6uhTKszIYeW6ozsVGH60Gd_m0uTekfjf0lEhwYQ/edit?usp=sharing

Heya everyone,

First, thanks to everyone that gave valuable feedback to the team in the Official Discussion Thread. After answering and calling for more feedback well into the wee hours of the morning, I was pleased to wake up to find that you all were passionately and thoughtfully making your case.

We had a meeting this morning to discuss the proposed changes in the blog post, and we used your feedback to help inform and guide our discussion.The team loves the concept of making event prize progression more fun, however, we want to give more time to make sure we get the implementation right. We DO want people to be excited to hit Milestones in the event prizing structure, but we also don’t want folks to feel like we’re taking things away.

Here’s what we’re doing - starting with this week’s Gauntlet

  • We’re reverting to the previous structure and also adding milestones: the final structure can only give you more rewards
  • Instead of having 33 prizes, we’re having 30 - All other pre-existing prizes will mostly stay the same with the chance that some prize tiers will be better because we are taking prizes from the 3 levels we’re getting rid of and stuffing them into 30 levels
  • Rounding prize thresholds down where needed so that no prizes will be more difficult to achieve
  • Milestone prizes will still exist, however, we are simply adding them on - that means nothing is being taken away, and we are just making those Milestone levels juicier
  • This is happening for Gauntlet and we’ll be making similar changes for our other events

We will be linking to a parameters document (hopefully) before we actively start answering AMA questions on this topic (we’ll start answering @ 3pm PT) so that everyone will have a chance to mull it over, so you can ask informed questions!


Thank you for your time and effort in clearing up that awful mess from earlier. lol Will the changes be implemented at the start of the new season? ( nevermind, clearly i didn’t read all that well) yup i’m an idiot lol


so 409k pts will be the final ?

Phew… I’m relieved I won’t see a mass exodus from the game yet…

Could we get another spreadsheet with the prizing you’re tweaking to see those juicier milestones please? When it’s available, no rush.

Thanks in advance!


THIS would have gone over far better as an initial suggestion, but I’m going to reserve my final judgement until the final details are released :rofl:


Thanks to listen to the Players. I would like to add another thing that badly needs to change. The glyph in the prizes, those offered are most of times for towers 2+ year old that people only use as dust supply. There should be only flak ones offered, maybee keep mage but we would like to see more usefull ones. In 2020 no Player wants a Balista, Cannon or Turret Glyph anymore. Also remove those out the silver chests please. @PGGalileo


If i remember correctly there were too many invincibility glyphs

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The only old ones that should stay are Lightning, storm and Mages maybee. Remove all other complete of prizes and silver chests :hugs:


I’d like to see common glyphs not be in prizes. They drop enough. How is common a reward? :rofl:


Plz, make this new prizes for lower score

Common Glyphs can be useful for new players. I dunno that removing them would be a good idea. Plus it doesn’t hurt you to have them there. Its free rune dust.


So are we still expecting you in the twitch stream starting in 14 mins? Excited to meet you.
Edit: just read that 3PM bombshell. Well I can’t stay up late now. 2:19 in the am here.

True, I just feel that it would make the prizes more worthwhile if common runes weren’t included and they only dropped from chests. Even smaller players have little use for them pretty quickly. At least give us rare :wink:

Thank you so much for all your effort that i can’t even imagine what kind of reaction you did to developer team :smiley:

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This is such a blessing!!! Thank you @PGGalileo for staying up so late and talking to us. And I’m glad prizes aren’t changing!

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Out of topic we will be watching stream in a few minutes right?

I believe it should start in about 3 mins?

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This is good to hear, and looking forward to seeing another doc with more details as well. Thank you @PGGalileo for the continued updates and transparency, and for listening to our feedback, it’s appreciated.

This looks better, though like someone else said already, would like to see the spreadsheets on this, please. As for earlier :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Am far from pleased or as forgiving, in how asking for feedback on what was shown, and am very reserved to even being in the forum atm. Was not the way to go about it, and has put my faith and trust in PG on shaky terms again as do not understand the motive behind what was truly to me a total disregard to the player base a whole, and should have known it would not have have been a acceptable change in first place. Sorry, is just way feel about the whole entire situation that happen today.

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If you want to play around with event prizing without changing too much, consider the following.

  • Bare minimum prizes (first 5) can really be met by everyone, even the player that are only just starting.
  • Prices consist of rubies, egg tokens, timers, chests, and sigils (or at least that’s all we care about). You could look into grouping those prices more (prize 10 gives 4000k tokens, prize 11 gives gold chests, prize 12 gives timers etc) if you want to provide more incentive. Make sure to switch them around and make prizes available for all tiers (starters, 350 sigils, 450 sigils, and above)
  • Consider adding chisels, rune dust or embers to add to this effect of 1 prize being meaningful rather than a collection of ‘a little bit of everything except sigils’.
  • Remember that starting players, no matter how much they spend, will be in the lower tiers of rewards. So adding rune dust or chisels there will not make them happy. Chests however will. Same goes for middle tiers lacking embers, and high tiers lacking rune dust etc.