Event Prizing Update Blog - Official Discussion Thread

UPDATE: 6/2 11:15am PT: Hi everyone, quick update - we just finished our meeting and we will not be implementing the proposed changes (thanks to your feedback!). I will be sending out a longer, more in-depth update in the next couple of hours. That update will be located in the AMA thread – at that time, I will be closing this thread so we can take the conversation to the AMA thread. The reasons I am taking the convo to another thread are:

Link to the AMA thread: Event Prizing Update - Ask Me Anything!

  • This thread is a longboi and it makes AMA’s harder for people to read/peruse
  • The blog info that informs this thread is now obsolete
  • We don’t need multiple threads about this
  • Just so people don’t think I’m trying to sweep this under the rug, I will be linking this thread in the new AMA thread

FYI: I have to go prepare for the new season launch blog post and live stream, so I won’t be around to answer a ton of questions in this thread for the most part.

In case you haven’t seen it: Event Prizing Update Blog

Let us know what you think about the new event prizing structure - it includes a big ole spreadsheet for all of you number lovers out there. We’ll be doing an AMA on this tomorrow with the designer of this system, so prepare your questions!

  • Nom nom nom, I love prizes (Positive)
  • But is this a prize or are you scheming against us? (Neutral)
  • Does AMA stand for “Assassinate Me Anytime”??? Because I’m gonna do it! (err…Negative)

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am I reading correctly that all rubies are being removed from prizes? because that’s… concerning.

(I do see that there is 600 rubies total in each minor event)


On top of that, the sigil prize divide is so much that average lover level players are going to loose out every single time with this system.
Ofcourse max level player and players at lower league don’t see that as a challenge, but now instead of pushing for next sigil bracket, we will have to stop quite low in order to save resources.


This is awful. This will just drive away players especially f2p and e2p. Not everyone can get to that 16m mark each fort unless you spend a lot of rss which can disrupt all the plans that people have for the season. I f you want good for players add bonus prize and not this.
If this implemented i can almost guarantee a bunch of people will quit including myself but again I’m nobody so who give a damn


Wow… The sense of achievement is gonna make me die😑

So you basically don’t want non-spenders or low spenders to get sigils in fort. Completely hate it to the bone… This feels money grab than achievement… We used to feel phew, reached the achievement. Now we would start feeling… Oh my we can give up on those sigils now.

If you’re doing something good, then add bonus prizes at the special checkpoints to feel achievement. Redistribution is gonna basically force people to either hit higher or give up. Like creating bigger barrier between spenders and non spenders which is already big…


Honestly I believe that accumulating more rewards in objectives is a bad idea. Not all players have a chance to hit a certain score.

A player who reaches 11m points currently receives 6350 seals, with the new system he will take 4750. Is this a joke?


This change is absolutely terrible. Now people are forced to either spend even more resources or just hit lesser milestones cause it’s no longer worth it to push to the next prizes. The span between milestones is so big its eggregious. No offense intended at all since you are new, but only if you were playing this game long enough could you realize how many resources it takes to actually hit some of those milestones and therefore why this is a terrible idea.
Also the rubies line is red all across the board. How is this at all justifyable?

The costs of the seasons keep going up and PGs solution is to drive more of a wedge between those who can and those who can’t? Well, this is capitalism folks, can’t be too surprised PG wants to encourage opening pocketwallets and make it harder to hoard and save up…


The fortification event is one of the easiest scores to achieve. The new classification of prizes is very punitive. If the problem is that few players reach 16m points for only 10 platinum chests, simply add more resources to that goal and you will see that many more players will reach 16m points.


This is absolute garbage. You’re basically now taking rewards away from non spending or hardcore players or those who may already be lacking in rss. If you dont max out the event then you get fewer rewards than you would have. I also see that you’re reducing the number of rubies in events inorder to get players to spend more and so we wont have as many rss to save up. Who thought this was going to go over well?

People have been complaining for a while that the gaps between sigil prizes were too large. Instead of listening to that Yall decided to make them even larger now. So if Im not close to one of these new “milestone prizes” then why would I bother continuing on in the event? Basically you’re going to encourage players to play less because events are no longer worth their time and effort.

I guess we now see the backhand smack to getting keys in other lines and another discount line. Are gold chest contents going to get hit next?

If you do this, you will lose players. Plain and simple


This is why im in a state of suspicion cause pg has been too good lately

This topic probably going to the trash real soon along with the players hope and dreams of a game where players and company can communicate effectively with each other


Did i looked right? Remove rubys :thinking::thinking::thinking::exploding_head:


This is going to go over like a lead balloon.


Three steps back from PG on this one :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

They’re planning to drown us with useless rss like lumber packs etc.
Oh well, there’s still time to quit… so freakin disappointed with this abomination


This is horrible. …
I needed to only take a break for 25 days, but if they will take out all rubies, I’m not coming back again :frowning: What’s wrong with you guys, you revived my hope in the game with late good changes and then stabbing the back like this.


Definitely a huuuuuuuge step back. Hopefully there are some errors with this.


If they were smart they’d just delete this topic and pretend it never happened. I think the isolation madness has set in among the PG team


I’m really shocked with this new prize structure…

Can we at least for once believe that PG is acting on player’s best interest?

I can’t even…


This is not helpful. In Fort, if you hit a 8.5m mark, you will get 600 sigils less from the new systems. And how many of us can a hit a11 or 16m mark?


Rubies gone, but plat and gold chests up. Mystic frags in breeding event are good. I’ll wait for the analysis. @Morreion ?


Huge slap in the face to all WD players. I mean F2P players have never been a big concern of PG’s but this a complete joke. I have yet to see one person think this is good. I agree they just need to scrap the whole thing and pretend it didn’t happen. Guess Year or the Player is over at PG HQ…