Event problem case (misreading level)

I know that this bug has been listed in several thread.

In most (if not all) cases of the problem, the level of the actual base is lower than the level listed in war or event (or even team list).

Is there any case where the level shown is lower than the actual base level?

If this has already been discussed in other threads head on over there. They will likely have the most accurate information and will be able to update you the best


  1. The thread has been locked
  2. The actual question hasn’t been answered in the thread
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Fair enough. If it’s not available anymore then someone should be able to answer your question before long. I haven’t experienced this, or noticed it myself. I’ll see if I can find out anything from my team.

To answer @OrcaFrost actual question there has never been a case that the wrong level has been lower than the persons real level.

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That can’t happen, if a base is mirroring another level, it ends when they catch that level on their actual base

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I see. I thought it will be fun if it happens though. Might catch the attacker off guard.

Its account bleed

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