Event problem (Keeps happening)

I click on one of the top bases anywhere from levels 185-300.
I noticed yesterday that some of the bases wasn’t adding up to the 120-122 plus IF.
This has happened to me several times and with these bases they would have some towers under level 15 (Could tell by the look of the towers) and were very easy bases but they were supposed to be bases leveled in the 200-250 range.

After these issues I would click on the base and then in the next screen where it shows base layout it showed level 72. I thought it was a mistake I clicked on the wrong base. So I went back clicked on a 200+ and it took me right back to the level 72!
So I went down to the next base it was like 180-190 and straight back to the level 72!!
I had to go down 2 more bases in level to get the hell away from the level 72 base.

There’s no way it’s a glitch where it’s showing wrong base level because no level 72 would be at the top of some of these teams. And it’s the exact same level 72 base every time!

It’s very irritating because if you are just not paying attention then it’s easy to not catch it and you end up losing points!

Anyone else having this problem? You click on a base in event and it’s taking you to a completely different base? It hasn’t happened as much today but last night it just kept happening!

This is a glitch associated with creating 2 accounts on the same device. So you get easy points in the event bc of this glitch. :man_shrugging:t3:

I’m not following?

I click on a base that says it’s level 200-250 and it takes me to the same level 72 base. It did it for several different bases but I believe they were all on the same team.

Yes, that glitch, where it appears to be a higher level than it is in the attack screen, is often caused by 2 accounts being run on the same device. I’m not sure what else to say here; let me know which step you’re having trouble with :man_shrugging:t3:

All of the steps :joy:

That doesn’t really make sense. If it was one level 200 and he had a level 72 Alt on some device yeah that would make sense. I could see how it’s possible it’s mesing up linking me to his other account on same device.

But that’s not the case. I clicked on a level 255-270 (leader of team) took me to the 72. Then a few officers in the 200s all took me to the 72…Another that wasn’t in officer but was out of the 200s same thing…I finally went down to like 188-178 and got the correct base.

If one of those is linked to a level 72 account on same device (I don’t know if it is) ok but why would other players on different devices take me to that same base? Because they are all not ran off the same device and I doubt one member with a different account on same device could do that. Idk maybe it could!

Those are event attacks on your base…

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It sounded possible Lutrus but Yeah I definitely do not think it’s that glitch.

It’s done it again a lot today (At least 10-12 Times I’m aware of the past couple hours) this time just all different bases but on one team it kept taking me to a level 140 base and they do not even have an exact level 140 on that team.

It’s absolutely nothing I am doing. I’m clicking on the correct base (After the attack it will be grey where I can’t attack again) and I look at them all now in the base layout screen after I hit attack and it’s just weird like some kind of bug that just shoots you to all different kinds of bases except the one you are choosing.

It actually is irritating because when you are trying to attack one of the top bases for 120+ points you actually get the points for the lower level base. :rage: So yeah I guess everyone just pay attention to the base it takes you to because for me 10% to 15% of the time it’s not the correct base.

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