Event problems unread messages and somehow on old versions

Confused on how nobody has talked about this yet or maybe I haven’t seen, but all of a sudden every message is unread and a couple people keep getting errors that their account is on an old version and are unable to play? How does someone keep messing up every event?!

If there’s already a topic on this delete this and give me the link

I believe they’ve all eventually been able to get in game but what is this, how can you keep breaking the game it’s insane!

No I am not

You’re not what? Able to get in game? Cause if so there’s even more of a problem

I’m not running into this problem I just got on to test it and experienced no issues I play on iOS

My whole league was talking about the messages and a couple teammates have reported the error of them not being able to get in game through line happened with the new event. They messed it up putting team ranking points in individual rewards then messed it more fixing it

That’s been brought up in another thread.

Thank you

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This one can be closed got the link

@moderators topic can be closed

Closing as requested.