EVENT PSA: Before Replacing Players

Every single PvP this happens to a team, so let’s try to raise awareness.

The first 50 people on a team to contribute to an event are the players who are locked into that team for the entirety of the event. Contributions for this mechanic include:

  • Event Points
  • Quest Points
  • Partial Quest Completion

This means that once the event island is up, there is a strong chance that anyone who completes a run will have partial quest completion (Quest: destroy 10 bases with a warrior - flying a warrior once would qualify as partial quest completion). Thus, please wait to bring in new players until you are SURE your existing players all have a score and can contribute. Wars cannot be declared once the event island is up, so it’s okay to have that empty spot for a day.


Thanks Red

:+1:t3: Thanks!

happened to us a few weeks back :sweat_smile: we rotated 2 alts to come in to speed up infrastructure, even though we have over 20 people had no quest points, and we rotated the alts one at a time, but it locked out 2 of our players :see_no_evil: felt like such a rookie :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

You are a rookie.

I think bringing them in after event ends will be better (still not sure if they will be set ineligible).

Off topic. Why Quetz? :thinking:

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Oh it is always better at the end, in my opinion.

I just was in a green mood for @forScience


not the dragon, the event quests :eyes:

Because Quetz is superior… other than being a useful dragon by the time I got it… :see_no_evil:


also, mittens


You really are a noob… :eyes:

I bet you got it on your perch simply cos it’s green. Don’t deny!


Green :white_check_mark:
Warrior :white_check_mark:

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There’s a glitch where a current member of the team who has been there for months can not be eligible for the event :eyes:

Yeah - that’s when someone else does a run before they do.

Paranoid Liz made sure she did a team quest run while on her work break :rofl: Now my slot for scoring is secured :partying_face:


This is not always the case we had 2 new players on the Tuesday morning well before the island came up, so the 2 players that left did not contribute anything but we still had 2 old players that could not participate. PG did not want to know

First question.

  • How many players did you accept at the time?

If it’s 2 or more

  • Have the 2 disabled players done anything (trying for quests) before you accepted new players?
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