Évent pvp, too long

I find that the event pvp are boring, and too long, especially when the reboots are every 24 hours. Would not it be possible to shorten the event pvp, and put in place between event pvp and event Feed / Breed, a mini event type Assault? Why in kingdom War receives only messages of loss of territory and no message of conquest of territory? (No message, it would be better). At each event pvp I wonder if I will continue to play WD.

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In my opinion, the reason why it is boring (ASIDE FROM THAT IT IS KINGDOM WARS :man_facepalming:) is because:

  1. Run out of energy packs because either lacking or used it in one go for mega attack
  2. Buldozzed adjacent teams and nothing to attack anymore
  3. Insert more here
  1. Ur team sux, have no territories and ur base is surrounded by enemies.
  2. You r low lvl players in high tiers, targets are too high and waiting for backers.
  3. Your base is weak and consequently targeted and becomes a punching bag :boxing_glove:.
  4. Insert more…

Yep chatting is more fun than actually playing the game the game is actually just a chat room and the part about the dragons and the base is the boring part in my opinion yeah PVP for war dragons is a strange concept of competing the fun factor it’s not existent

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