Event Quest notifications

The WarDragons App provides for numerous notifications, whether it be main, Atlas, and Events.

What is the feasibility, albeit dismal, for reminders/notifications sent to individuals that have not completed their event quest for the day?

My suggestion is to start at the 21st hour, 22nd hour, 23rd hour and 15min after 23rd hour.


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Officers can send a ‘do your quest’ reminder to players already


I’m not looking at officer notifications but system generated notifications. Officers have enough to contend with without having to babysit those that have not done their daily event quests.

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Sleep time for some timezone, thus it’s useless at that point.

This. More effective as well.
Or team mail in case more general act is needed.

1 an hour before time is up makes sense. 5 or 6 is too many

Numerous notifications in regards to situations that riders can address throughout the day. Rider missions, Dragon missions, Atlas attacks, Event notifications that an ‘Enemy Island’ has appeared. An additional notification to complete event quests does not fall outside of the realm of ‘Get your hind parts up and do something’.

We all get these regardless of what time of day it is. We can’t turn them off because ‘we are sleeping’.

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0 notifications. Push alerts Off. It’s a game ffs.

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This would be nice to have. As poster said, we officers have too much other stuff going on to be checking and sending quest reminders. There are reminders for war attacks at the 12 hour mark I believe, no reason why a quest reminder can auto generate at 12 hour mark and maybe at 18-21 hour mark.

Yeah, if only those worked after the first day. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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