Event Reward (chars)

Assume that during events result, Leader is given (a) special chest(s) which should be gifted to his/her teammate(s) (expired when the event changed, or during league promotion)
That way, leader can give a gift to one (or more) teammate(s), which is considered as MVP by the leader.

  1. Is it a good idea? If so, does it need more restrictions / conditions?
  2. Will this open another insecure hole (potential hacking), since the number if chests is limited?

This is a great way to have 49 jealous teammates. Fantastic plan. :raised_hands:


I think it just creates a case of the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The people who probably get MVP already spend a lot, and a reward that continously goes to spenders would just discourage other players. Thats my opinion atleast

I saw this case in other games (which I think is much less f2p friendly than WD).
The prize won’t be to big (perhaps only 1 legendary drop from Gold Chest)…

I think it has a good feedback on the other game, so I wonder if it can be implemented here.
For jealousy, they just have to participate more, and this is selected manually by the leader…

We already said :-1:

Not only will there be jealous people. Most leaders will have their favorites and it wont be good for team cohesion imo…

I think a little reward should be given automatically for anyone appear on mvp board

Here is the issue…

The MVP board can be manipulated in a number of ways.

I can totally screw my team and attack 50 times giving free defense away. Guess what? I’m MVP because I did the most attacks and used the most rage. It’s broken and meaningless.

I think there is more harm than good in singling out a sole teammate to get a prize.

Now if the MVP got to select a war reward FOR THE ENTIRE TEAM (similar to Atlas daily bonuses) of tokens, or timers, or WHAT ABOUT CONSUMABLES LIKE HAMMERS that would be cool. An extra bonus for doing the war, no matter if you were the winners or losers you both participated. Not only would it give your team something to work towards, but the MVP would feel something special that they got to decide what they wanted the team to get, it would also make more stagnant teams at least swap wars more frequently.

Keep in mind im talking a very small prize. Like 10% of your daily token bonus or something so it’s not exploitable. And it would be per day/cumulative war rewards so if you have multiple wars per day you still only get the same reward.


I mean a little. like at least refund me 10 hammers if I get the highest defend point for the team or 3 healing potion when I get the most flames
give me 6 base health/attack boost for having the most dragon kill on my base
just as little as the content of 2 or 3 bronze chests as reward. It doesnt seem worth to exploit but it is something

I would rather see a team in each league get a weekly reward for being first.

Leader can reward MVP player with 1m gold in Atlas(as example)

Respecting post.

No to idea.

So, it seems that it’s not applicable well here.
Glad to know, thanks.

Yeah. Probably too much work but I’d rather the team voted for their MVP…

And yeah like many said @OrcaFrost , players have strong opinions on fairness… almost anything that only rewards one player has been violently shot down. It’s almost certainly never going to to be a thing

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So extra rewards for spenders and league squatters? That would just further promote bringing in ringers and team jumping.

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