Event Reward specifically Glyphs


For the past 6 months, maybe more, the glyphs rewarded for events have been “healing mark and/or rejuvenate” honestly, how many dragons carry these spells? There was a time when I was excited to participate in events because it’s the only place to earn glyphs. Its nice to see the game evolving with new events but what good are they if the rewards are the same? You released all these new dragons and new spells…give us glyphs to dress them up. Or at the very least, give us glyphs we can actually use like RAGE. Who doesn’t need rage glyphs? Every dragon regardless of tier needs rage. Or maybe revamping existing base glyphs by changing their secondary skill. Do mages have to be locked in with lightning?? You would probably see a rise in activity from all levels with these simple adjustments. My 2 cents…

The same runes constantly repeated in events

It has not been a Healing Mark but a Healing Striker


Totally useless stuff


Healing striker is useless but Healing Mark is useful


I don’t even think of the useless runes as dust. I have way more dust than I need right now. No good runes to use it on


That’s exactly what I wanted to say.
We don’t need them anymore.
Plz change it PG.


Been waiting about 5 months to see a lightning (striker or frenzy) glyph being available to be earned. Nada.


Sounds like someone involved with event rewards is being lazy and just leaving the same rewards over and over.


When is the last time we got rage glyphs :frowning:


I second this.
My dragons garnet tier and up are tragically bare rune-wise. The event rewards for runes have been astonishingly underwhelming.
We need:
Healing Mark
Hunter ammo
AND new runes for new spells!
Please and thank you. :slight_smile:


Yeah I recall no less than 5 threads on the old forum asking for this over the past 6 months to a year. One even got responded to and they said they would look into it! Dont hold your breath folks lmao.


@PGJared even had a survey about what glyphs the players liked the best. result was rage and xp if i reckon. well nothing fruitful ever happened from that. we always get rejuvenate/healing striker or battle cry. its ridiculous PG. something so easy is completely disregarded. all of my high end dragons dont have glyphs. except for crappy rejuvenate runes for their secondary rage effect.

make NEW RUNES FOR THE NEW SPELLS. in the meantime give us RAGE (because it is the only useful one for new spells right now) / maybe healing mark once in a while / hunter ammo at some very high point rewards / a rotation of base runes like archer+cannon+treb striker / frenzy.

everytime i see rejuvenate/battle cry/healing striker im disappointed in how little you actually care about the details and balance of the game.


I don’t think i should even say anything here… Feel free to add to this thread when you can.


Only rune we’re getting is “Take Our Money”

1st effect = Take our money
2nd effect = Get nothing back


Why can’t we see some new runes? Boosts for new spells? Resistance boosts for dragons that may not naturally have a resistance? Maybe a glyph that add “sacrifice” for a rage boost? I don’t know. The runes were a great idea, but the developers have definitely gotten lazy since their introduction.


That’s not how runes work. If a dragon doesn’t have a resistance, like flak resist, putting a flak resist rune on it is not going to make it have added flak resist. Similarily, runes don’t add spells. What you’re thinking of is spell boosts, not runes.


I don’t mind having rage glyphs 4 events in a row :man_shrugging:


I use to look at the start of each event and if it was a rune i wanted (like rage) i would try harder to make sure i got it… now i dont even look.


Can we upgrade this rune with more money to change the 2nd effect text to include taking a boot up the a$$? :man_shrugging:


Totally agree