Event rewards not showing up


For two events in a row I have not gotten the team rewards. I am elligble and contribute as well. I don’t know why this is happening but if anybody can help that would be very appreciated, thanks!


You’re talking about the team rewards and not team achievements, correct? Have you cleared all the gift packs from the icon above the dragon icon in the bottom left corner of the screen? If there are packs there it’ll hide the event rewards.


Correct. Team rewards. I looked in the chest icon and all I found was a value pack from a teammate and the other deals. It does show a red exclamation point next (or on) the chest icon, so is there somewhere I’m not looking?


Keep getting rid of the packs from a teammate to unearth the event rewards.


If you are on a team where people buy lots of packs, you may have a lot of chests to go through in order to unearth the team rewards.


If it’s what I’m thinking, you must manually. Ole team the team reward after the event ends. It’s not just given to you automatically. I lost out on some good rewards in the beginning because I was unaware you had to open the event page and collect yourself


Thx so much you guys. Finally got my rewards!


That’s the team quest reward but yes, they should change this IMO.


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