Event rewards trending down

With the opening of this crafting event, the last event to give generous amounts of timers has been cut way back as well.

Can we get some visibility as to future plans for beta rewards. I know at some points in the past we’ve talked about possibly diversifying the rewards (egg tokens or rubies) or maybe even a flyable primarch (hello Samhain the Sieger, Dethlokk the Destroyer).

Rewards that keep getting ratcheted back doesn’t seem very motivating or fun considering the amount of time Atlas takes. Am hoping to hear something exciting is in the works because a bunch of 1 hour timers is a drop in the bucket at my level.


Yeap I noticed this as well.

We actually saw that from the last 5 atlas events.

They reduced the point distribution (what once gave you 900 points per used rider stone was reduced to 500-600 points.)

Also they gave us once a good amount of rider shards either in individual or team prizes every event.

Not to speak or the 12 hour speed ups.

I can remember that inter Alia we both discussed a lot with PG on the old forum and they said prizes will IMPROVE when atlas goes live reality is the opposite.


Yes it is going down hill very quickly.

Or Frank the Sieger.



Maybe the atlas event rewards are directly proportioned with the number of participants. As they add more team, the reward goes down. :grin:
For example in the beginning there are 12,500 x 12hour timer available for all. So: 12,500 / 50 teams / 50 players = 5 of 12hour timers available for each.
Now as they add new teams, for example additional 50 new teams, then: 12,500 / 100 teams / 50 players = 2.5 (rounded to 2) of 12 hour timers.
It’s a mafia conspiracy :smirk:

I blame Spooky.


I agree the rewards are not very good.

They have taken all the incentives and rewards away for the new teams just getting beta. Ah the good old days when it actually gave you reason to play it. Not a good marketing strategy

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Individual prizes for Atlas PvP events have been upped ~77% as an experiment for the Kingpins event which starts tomorrow. Team prizes have been decreased by roughly half. (The bulk of prizes are individual, however, so the net prize payouts are likely to be much higher this time.)

In conjunction with the brand new Elite Event Account value pack (which DOUBLES individual point progression in tomorrow’s new event!), I hope many of you will enjoy the prizes as well as the new event.


One major problem I see…its SO team oriented that you have trouble doing anything by yourself

Atlas or Kingpins or events in general? It’s probably effective to fight enemies as a team, but I suspect many individuals will do quite well – either fighting the Kingpins or picking off enemies in sneak attacks.

Dave as far as I’m concerned and my team the problem is that ppl want incentives to do well.

Having individual prizes as last event where you get 13 fire gear shards in a prize tier it’s just wtf… sure you can say you’d do that leveling of riders and primarchs anyways and you get a bit extra so where is the problem.

Problem is that you sell this as an event and we’re used to have events which help us to progress in game without buying every single piece with money to feel like progressing.

Atlas would be way more active and way more fun if rewards would give you the feeling like you’ve achieved something.

Instead of giving 13 gear elements of each and 30 x 1 hours give us 1.3k of each and 30 x 12 hours to bring the team in a position to look forward to level infrastructure and primarchs and crafting a lot of gear.

I wasted like 6,000 scrolls and thousands of elements just to get a bunch of worthless common gear which is just demoralizing.

And that’s not just me.

Make atlas great again. Talk to the decision makers and persuade them to significantly up prizes in atlas.

A bored customer will turn the back on the product a happy customer will support the product.


In general, core game already crushed any hope of that and atlas seems to already be scaling back. I can’t speak to you new event but the general theme is net loss not gain.


In my previous post I just mentioned significantly increasing the rewards. Hopefully it’ll help @Panda.

The materials were pretty low; in this most recent crafting event they represented only 10% of the awards (only 1% if you own no land and thus didn’t benefit from any territory ownership multipliers). I think next time perhaps we just make the crafting materials zero during this event (they’re a higher fraction in other events, but sense this event is about using those materials it’s a bit tricky to give out large amounts of them in the event itself). Out of curiosity, does your team have any fire land?

I’d like the events to be fun and valuable, and I know we need more adjustment on prizes yet. I’m hopeful that the big uptick in Kingpins prizes will be a step in the right direction when you see them later today. TBD …

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The thing is, I think most people expect the awards to go back to dismal after Kingpin.

The shard awards (and total lack of rider stones) for the crafting event that just completed are a joke. It takes thousands to craft one single item that will probably be a worthless Common. And the awards were mostly double digits. And there were no timers at all.

And why can’t we use timers to speed up crafting (only rubies)?

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Well, Kingpin is the focus now but if we make progress there then we can work on carrying it over to other events.

I believe the crafting event had timers in every tier. The mats were probably too low to include. I’m less sure how players feel about keystones though.

Forging gear works like forging items, and so it inherits the inability to expedite with timers. Maybe that’ll change someday, but it isn’t currently planned … figuring out prizes the first place are probably a bigger priority for now.

I was happy enough to expedite for the previous 12 hour timer rewards but this iteration wasn’t worth it at all imo.

Looking forward to the referenced improvements.

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