Event running late?

Wtf event 2hours late? Or am I 24hours early!?


TBH I’m surprised it took thing long for someone to post this question.

They’re fixing some bugs - I expect the event to start once the patch comes out.


They never guarantee the event start. It is around 50 minutes later than usual. The U.S. is on DST now stopped observing DST, so it’s two hours later for areas that don’t observe it.

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It normally starts around this hour. Just remember that they have to release the new season as well get the livestream up all at around the same time. And may I mention the fire turret and flak bug?

Sick of waiting full storage and farms reseting every 15min just wanna build!

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Yup, welcome to the party.

Same as always. I don’t know why anyone posts “late” questions and complaints. its not like there has ever been a set time. They go live when most of the bugs are fixed. Been that way as long as I have been playing anyway. I suppose it is preferable to them going live with terrible debilitating bugs (although that has happened once or twice)

new patch just came.
new season with new UI also.
issue with towers being OP

so i think its best that the event is delayed because you really can’t farm that much if your most powerful dragon gets 2 shot by a fire turret.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was delayed by 3-4 hours.

I’m going end up missing the start time if it doesn’t start soon. Sucks.

It would be awesome if they would make some kind of a fix for Fort and Feeding so that you didn’t need to be on at the very start. None of the other events are like that.

If they would just make an adequate supply of wood and food it wouldn’t be an issue. Its because its kept way too short that we must go through this charade.

I’m sure all the money made during this event is off of timers and packs, not buying RSS directly. No one buys RSS directly. That’s just asinine. So they might even make more money if there was an adequate supply versus cant get any.

It’d be nice if they doubled farm and mill production during the event. That would go a long way for everyone, PG included.

The US is on standard time now

they would also lose a lot of money by doing that…

Not if people are buying for timers rather than saying my event is over now


I understand your point, but it also means people are going to attack less bases just because they are more self sufficient. I just get the feeling that this rolls both ways.

I agree with Cheeky. Doubling would be about perfect. Its still not going to be enough for your farms to do all the work, you will have to do raids. But the raids should yield better.

I highly doubt that. When towers start costing more than 1 million lumber to upgrade, farms won’t sustain that. But having actual RSS out there to steal WOULD.


Hmm, I guess that does make more sense too. Well, maybe … if we tag Jared he could propose it to the team… for the next round of fort.

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The event is running a bit late while we iron some kinks out.


Thanks for the update.