Event schedule structure change

It seems like the “minor” events are always too long, which kind of creates a dull week between pvp events(unless this will be like last season where we had 3 weeks without pvp).

Why not have building/breeding/feeding in between the major events? Like Thursday-Monday is a major event and Tuesday-Wednesday is a minor event? I feel like it would flow better and be much more exciting. You’d feel like you were always moving forward rather than staring at the same base/dragons/etc for weeks.

The standard time for the breeding event (five days) makes it easy for people to get one dragon to breed level and breed another dragon in the same event.
Some PvP events—ahem pretty much all of them—do get grind-y and repetitive, but I believe that that’s just the nature of them and not related to the length alone. Plus, hardcore active fliers can score a lot of points and stuff within these five days.
… And PG can’t even get their events to start right with a day’s break in between; you think they can end an event and start one in the same day? :t_rex:


They do it with atlas :man_shrugging:t2:

If not the 5 for major/2 for minor thing… how about possibly putting all the minors into one event? 2 days building/2 days breeding/1 day feeding. 3 week pvp. 1 week growth.

Atlas events aren’t involved at all, they’re more like quests if anything…so probably real easy to get right. And no, minor events don’t need to be shortened they are a good length. If anything bring back the mini events to break up the monotony

And eww gross to a 3wk pvp


Atlas events are basically the same thing as the minor events lol.

What are mini events?

Sure, but Atlas events function very differently than main-game events. I daresay they’re simpler to “activate.”

This seems far too quick and again it would eliminate the people who train one dragon to breedable within the event to get another, unless they want to stay up all night to do it. :t_rex:


Like a 2 day pvp between events

And the length of minors also help prepare the major events. But somehow they still screw up both a lot :man_shrugging:t2:

You’d have 1 a month tho… rather than waiting 5-7 weeks or more between events(feeding for example)

No. Fucking. Way.

3 weeks grind my brains out in a row, please no.


I think pvp is boring. To each their own.


They tried this back in 2016. They haven’t done it since, probably for a good reason.

I don’t agree with your ideas about event restructuring, nor do i like them so i’m going to stay out of this thread with my personal opinions.


Quick as in the days themselves, events in quick succession. What about the busier people—if they’re gone for the two days of fortification, they’ve got to wait a whole ‘nother month for it. Same for breeding.
The only event structure change I’d like to see is the total elimination of Feeding. Hate that event. Adds nothing to the game experience. :t_rex:

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I guess the “war dragons” community is just the “FarmVille” community all grown up :man_shrugging:t2:

It’s meant to be a pvp game lol… but to each their own.

Yeah, but if you want me to grind a PvP event (or multiple) for weeks with no break (aka a breeding/fort/feeding) then… :rofl: Hell no. :t_rex:

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Please, no combining minor events into one time (even 2 of them).

It’s not viable for fort and feeding (as lower leveled player will have a hard time collecting those resources).

Breeding is even more. While my breeding event is quite peaceful now, my past one was pretty hellish (finished Kulan and Jagra, and made them breedable in one event, without elite and Atlas bonus).

In my case, Feeding and Fort event are more grindy than PvP, as we need to raid continuously to get rss.


I don’t like feeding but it’s easy enough to score in so I’d like it to stay but remain at once a season frequency. 3rd event every season and create a mechanism to not have food be so scarce

Yea the super event was ok definitely wouldn’t want it to be a regular event…maybe like once every 6 months or year. To me diversity would be good


Also remember this is WAR dragons…wars are disabled during PVP as they should be.


So much no to this, you’d probably have a lot of people quit. Breeding and building need that week long time. For breeding a large number of players chain breed each event which means they need time to level up those newborns to breed the next benchable dragon. Breeding is the most important event in this game. Leave it alone unless we’re fixing token costs or token payouts

For fort people often wait until the end when wood becomes very plentiful to get those big builds in that they couldnt within the first 30 minutes. It’s also nice to be able to let farms and mills finish on their own to save on some timers

If you’re bored, consider having a war or something. There’s plenty to do that doesnt require constantly repetitively grinding pvp attacks. People are burnt out after most pvp events, having one every week would be agony

Feeding could be turned into a mini event that runs for 2 or 3 days and would run a bit more frequently but that is the only one it would work with


PvP events can be exhausting, if we had them every week my playstyle/activity would drop immensely…or I’d probably just stop playing because the game demanded too much time.

Also as @DivineStrike mentioned it would mess up wars. Lots of teams use the minor event weeks to push up to a higher league, only being able to war on a couple of days would stop that being possible without doing a tonne of wars daily. And if you condensed the minor events into one week people would want to focus on them due to the shorter time available, wars would become a burden I think.

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FTFY :slightly_smiling_face: