Event scheduling (backwards)

So this has happened in the past as well and it hurt me then. I, like a lot of players,save xp for feeding events. But when you have a breeding event we have no choice but to feed those dragons to make them breedable, but then turn right around and have a feeding event. All the feedable xp we lose to make breedable is lost for next event. For me when I have to feed 10m in xp that is a significant lose for the very next event which is feeding. The events are backwards. Need to think about this a bit for everyone who stores xp.


It’s almost like they plan it this way (I think they do)


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Feeding after breeding is a very logical progression though, you have new dragons, now you can continue leveling them during feed event. Woopdeedoo if you got it to breedable, that’s only level 12/30 levels. Not to mention most of the points from feeding event comes from perches :man_shrugging:t3:


What I do is when I have extra time I run multipliers on older dragons or run drags after breedable but don’t feed. Maybe a new outlook could help, I look at main divines and drags I need to breed that aren’t breedable yet are in the same category.

You have older dragons that do not have enough xp to be experted (is that a word?) once you feed them? Shame, shame!


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I don’t even know how hard to push this event because this season seems pretty disappointing. Might just be popping in to feed my perch. Ugh. :t_rex:

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This x100


Think of it as rubies and gold chests towards next season?

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That is a good point. I do need more rubies for token farming… always more… lol. Thanks. :grin: :t_rex:


lol yeah I still have the mission for 200 rubies to expert a legendary. :see_no_evil: I never use my main drags. Necryx is my baby still. I just do what I said in the other post!



Hi, I’d disagree with that. It makes no sense having feeding afterwards. Even using speeds to hatch them out it’s still going to be nearly the next breeding event before they’ve enough xp on them anyway.
It makes far more sense and would be much more helpful having feeding first, so you can feed up the ones you need for the breeding event. And even more helpful would be to have both less often to make it easier to get them hatched and the xp on them.

By having feeding sometime between breeding events this request is filled lol.
When doesn’t matter


After fort and after breeding are the logical choices for feeding bc fort uncaps den levels for your Divines and Dragons (if you’re not overleveled), and breeding uncaps the tier/stones plus you get new dragons. Having a feed after a pvp is beyond stupid, bc nothing is happening. Idk what level you are but once you’re saph Dragons +, it’s very rare not to speed a dragon up to hatch them.
So if you’re saying feed should be after fort, sure, I don’t mind it there bc it makes sense for some people’s situations. But if you’re saying feeding should be before breed regardless of whether it’s after fort or a pvp, then I disagree with you.


Logically, I think it’d make the most sense to have feeding both before and after breeding. But game-wise, that’s a dumb and boring idea.

Edit: I usually wait to hatch a week before breeding.

Everyone seems to think it’s somevow unfair to need to feed dragons outside of feeding events like there is some kind of entitlement.

Feeding events are far more likely to exist for keeping food valuable (think rare/less available) or else why wouldn’t feeding and breeding be the same event?

I know if nobody who is able to max every divine and lineage dragon they have as of yet. So there is plenty to feed even if you don’t want to feed on the perches, which is pretty important to do in the event even if you have lots of dragons to feed.

Instead of changing the system to be more convienient, try to use some strategy to make the most of what exists…


Preach :clap::clap::clap: :t_rex:

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All of mine are expert or capped except the 3 i hatched this previous week. Thank god i hatched 3 of them lol.

And of those 3, Noc is 11/14 (capped) deci is 16/30 and Zaru (backbreed) is like 8/30. I only have a few guys to feed so Zaru will be joining a ton of runs this weekend lol


That is some serious dedication. I need to start doing more XP runs on my latest lineages… Rizar is getting lonely. :t_rex:

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Nice going. I didn’t feed storm who is 17 and has 180m xp stacked on him my noct is only 7 and have several older dragons that have the xp but no food. I don’t starve but unless they are useful dragon, once they can breed and earn full xp solo I stop feeding. Sounds like starving actually.