Event scoring wrong?

Anyone else noticing points not calculating? Or calculating wrong.
Before the final pvp island, the top team had 11.3m points. We cleared their island first stealing 864k points. Our points changed on the leader board, theirs did not. 15 minutes later they finally cleared our island and gained 300k points without losing any points. How is this possible?

You don’t steal nothing. You just get extra points for beating pvp.

And 300k points? Are you in diamond? Should know this then…

I am not in diamond.

Yeah I know it says steal. We’ve been telling PG to change the language since forever. It’s stupid and not your fault you got mixed up.

@Arelyna @PGCrisis about time we get the wording changed please?


Thanks grumpy

These screenshots were taken at the same time (maybe 10 seconds between)

3.92M vs 2.32M

Looks to me like the battle screen shows the subtracted points but the team rank page doesn’t.

And yep! Bingo!

Again this has been the case since like forever. The team rank page is the one that counts for team prizing.

I’ve noted and posted this exact issue before as well.

They haven’t even noticed 🤷

They took the island in 1.50??? DAAANG!

That’s how we do it! If you want to apply, feel free. I would be more than happy to look at your stats and chat with you about switching teams.

Before going and bragging, what league are you in/how many HP does the island even have? Lol.

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