Event screen changing from landscape to portrait by itself causing game to crash or I have to force close multiple times


I have submitted this ticket to both PG support and directly to Arelyna, still no resolve and no reply. I just tried getting into my game, in both main event and in Atlas, the event screen does this every time. Sometimes it takes several times of either game crashing or me having to force close app just to claim a prize or be able to attack or collect treasure in armory. This shit is beyond tiresome.

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Can you lock rotation on your device to prevent this?

Either just for this App or when you play this app disable auto rotation? Just a thought


damn how did you manage to do that??? I am not able to even if I want to, it wont show Portrait style on any of my devices for this game.


If you are on an iPhone you can lock the rotation from the pull-up control panel.


Are you on android? Are you using KLWP with Nova?


Yeah my rotation is locked, it does it either way. It’s never even rotated for support tickets text before, but all of the sudden…


Android 8.1.0 Lg Stylo 4 that’s less than 3 months old.


My rotation is locked. But it does it either way. It’s never done this before. It literally does this every single time I pull up the event screens in the main event or Atlas event. After 4 or 5 times of me having to force close the app or it straight kicking me out I might get to claim a prize or open chests or attack but never more than one of those in a row. Chests, crashes. Open back up, pull up event screen, battle then crash, clear apps, open back up, pull event, rotates, repeat the last part, over and over, oops it let me claim a prize, nah just fucking with me, it lets me pull up the achievements then rotates again and I have to force close and clear apps etc. This bullshit keeps repeating on and on. I’ve been trying to play for the past hour and a half. I’ve managed to run 2 attacks, and claim 1 prize and, I still can’t get into my armory tab. Has anyone from support helped? Well fuck no! They tell me to sit on a stick and spin myself counter clockwise 30 times whilst clicking my heals and starting the app with my eyes closed and on the 35th of Neveruary it might start acting like it should.
This is the only game I’ve been having problems like this with. I have a 3 month old Lg Stylo 4 with the most recent Android 8.1.0 os, I’ve asked, could it be my phone? They respond, turn on airplane mode and switch to a different WiFi network, open the game turn the airplane mode off close the game wait 15 minutes while holding your breath, if this doesn’t work, we’re sorry bout your luck sucker. But keep throwing money at us though, because we’re worth that shit. How else does one explain such impeccable customer support from a game you play on your phone? I’d hate to be on the shit end of the stick if I didn’t pay for elite and packs…


Same issue same phone

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Really? OMG! I’m so glad it’s not just me and my husband! The last ticket I submitted to support, they straight up said it was a local phone setting and nothing they could do about it. I play a couple of other high performance games with no issues whatsoever, but this game is the only one I have problems with. But it’s not PG! I only started playing this game because I’m so sick of this game constantly crashing and acting a damn fool! Now that I know for sure it’s a problem with this model phone, maybe they’ll take me more seriously. Since they say I’m the only one who’s complained about this particular problem.


I used to get this with all the time on my Galaxy Tab A droid v8, when in Atlas and not having done anything for a minute or 2. It would rotate the screen, then crash out to lock screen, had to restart the app to fix, never got it fixed as I changed to ipad as Atlas sucked on Tab being soooooooooo slow to do anything.


This happens to me quite often on an LG V30. Super annoying


I’m sorry for the delay here. I’m checking with the team about this.


Thank you so much.


Follow-up here: does this only happen on the event screen or with other aspects of the game?


It only happens on event screens, both in Atlas and main WD events pages. For me, the screen changes about 5-6 times, each time causing the game to crash by itself or causing me to force close the app and clear my recent apps.

It will then work maybe once or twice, or for 1 but no more than 2 attacks. If it manages to make it for 2 attacks (especially in Atlas) then the app just completely closes out, back to my phone’s home screen without notice.


In event screens in Atlas and main WD events


Yeah it will go straight to home on my stylo 4 too… It’ll play fine for a few runs in PvP event then I go to claim my prizes and it’ll rotate to portrait. Ive tried changing every setting I can and it still happens. PG has been absolutely no help saying it’s my phone but the game plays amazingly well… So frustrating


But I see they are taking their time responding here too


Weird that I haven’t seen this before…

I had this exact same terrible experience on my Samsung Tab, and yes, it was locked to landscape.

The only difference was that it did during Atlas runs, on attack screens (I even have a video of it) or anywhere apart from the main base. We spent several days on trying to solve this issue with the Support, even one of the technicians took over but didn’t have the faintest idea what caused this unnatural behavior.

Everything else ran just fine, and it turned out that the Tablet was the culprit. Since I use my phone, everything is just heavenly compared to those days.