Event screen changing from landscape to portrait by itself causing game to crash or I have to force close multiple times



Does it there sometimes too


or sometimes just loading. I have reinstalled and cleared cache a bunch of times. This only happens on my LG V30. Has never happened on my Asus Zenpad. Frequency seems to be increasing…


Yeah that last post you see from @Arelyna is the last time I’ve heard from anyone about it. And shes the ONLY person I’ve even heard from at all or that even seems remotely concerned with the issue. It is literally driving me insane to play this game. Once I finally get to battle in pvp it only works once or twice, then it does it again over and over and over and over. Same goes for Atlas too


Like that?


Exactly like that. Sometimes it will still let me claim but never from that point will it allow me to still play. Usually I have clear all my apps from my multi screen and reopen the app again, unless it kicks me straight to my home screen once I hit the continue bottom from here.


I just thought that once more people came forward who are experiencing the same issue, wether it be an issue with the phone or the app, someone in tech support would be able to find a fix for it.


Screen rotation is locked already. Either way, this app shouldn’t be able to rotate on its own


I get this often, it’ll rotate, freeze, and then boot off game completely


It does exactly the same thing to me. Turns to portrait in event and atlas event screens, app also freeze a lot lately, on any kind of screens. Rotation is locked, forced restart, reinstall doesn’t make any difference.

@Arelyna Any news on this bug pls?


I’ve submitted several additional tickets regarding this issue since I first posted about this problem. The latest reply from support I received was “maybe it’s just your phone and there’s nothing we can do about it” and I was advised to “just play on a different device”. I pay to play this game. Of course it’s an issue with my phone. But it’s something not a single person at PG support has ever attempted to ask about. What kind of phone do I have? What type of operating system? Carrier? Android version? I know I’ve been experiencing this problem for going on 5 and a half months, ever since I got this phone. My husband has the same phone as I do and is experiencing the exact same problems. We’ve nearly been kicked from our team because we can’t participate in events like they want us to. Now I get completely kicked out of the game when I try to open Atlas. I was told that this issue was supposed to be fixed with this last update, but it’s only gotten worse for me. If this game has a compatibility issue with my type of phone, why can’t the developers work on a way to resolve the incompatibly problem? It is so frustrating to do anything in this game anymore that I just want to delete the entire game. @Arelyna I really thought that once you got involved with this problem that something would be done by now. I’m just so disappointed. I really loved this game.


Exactly my point! I’m glad you mentioned this! This app has never been able to shift to like this as long as I’ve played it till this started.


As I mentioned before I had the exact same issue, and even the specialist team couldn’t help me. We went through all the specs, settings, when or what triggers the screen turn, and the only conclusion we got: they have no idea… They said back then that no one ever had reported such, so in your case they should have at least some faint memory of my case.

No other app has ever performed this act, not before or after WD.


During Temple raid it is much worse. Turn to portrait after every battle. Sometimes on score screen and very often inside the island. In the first 15 minutes of event I had to force restart at least 5 times. In any other event or other events pages it is about 10-15 times a day.


I have absolutely no problems with any other app, and the graphics are so much more advanced than war dragons on D.H.C. (Dungeon Hunter Champions) I just don’t understand why someone can’t figure it out.


What I can offer you: feel free to refer to me with the support if they can use anything from me to assist you.

I used to be PrideDemonHBD, changed my name to Fluffinstein a month ago (if it helps)


It makes it impossible for me to enjoy this game anymore. I haven’t been able to perform one single pvp event attack yet since the event started because of the rotations and crashing. Who has time to sit for hours trying to attack, or even browse through event tabs, God forbid you actually do get to slip one in and win a prize, good luck trying to claim it.


I feel you.
I loved playing WD on my tablet, huge dragons, nice visuals, readable messages and chat… but this thing ruined it. So I migrated the game to my phone, 1/3 of the size I was used to, but at least I could enjoy the game without this kind of interruption.

Either way, the original sensation was gone for good…


Agree. Not fun to play an event like this


Erm, how the hell have you been able to gather over 330 inner fires? Lol totally off subject there. I just about shat myself when I saw that number! Lol


:grin: Just opened 200 gold chest and about 1.5k bronzes at beginning of event.