Event shields cannot be fully disabled

Disabling castle shields during the event is not fully working. Neither owner nor enemy primarchs is now able to attack or use abilities with the shield down. Attackers get an error message after selecting a dragon.

This means we can’t do on-castle glory swaps, guard swaps or sales, kill visiting enemies, or do friendly or hostile conquers. There’s no way to transfer a castle that’s been surrendered in the past week.

PG should not remove a major source of fun, progress, and social and economic activity from Atlas without really understanding what they’re doing and having a replacement in place.

This should be reconsidered, reverted, or fixed. Please let us know what’s going on. @Arelyna @PGMichael @pgSyzygy


A) Can confirm henfon is correct on all of these things that happened

B) the above quote is very important. Can you, PG, stop behind the scenes changing/disabling/whatever else you are doing? You haven’t even made any of your proposed atlas changes go live yet and you’re still just changing things as you “think” they need it.

Stop. Touching. Things.


Yeah, this is ridiculous. It is bad enough, imho, that every other week of the Atlas season is shut down except for nml - of which there is no nml game to speak of anymore due to terrible defender glory and revives. This leaves…anything we do disabling shields. Completely preventing that without forethought, or a way to replace the glory we get during this otherwise useless week (that still counts toward the Atlas season despite not being able to do anything) comes across as willfully harmful to player progress. I’d like to hope it wasn’t that.

Btw. This kind of block still won’t do anything to make people fight over castles in non pvp weeks. Smh.


Support tickets say this is a bug due to a “minor background update” that has disabled pvp, although it is unique that there is a different error message and people can still attack in NML.

Support says it will be fixed tomorrow, I’m hoping this is true, as it stinks not being able to conquer a castle that cannot be surrendered or hit primes with friends or sit in enemy castles waiting for them to drop shield and swing at them :imp:


I’m not totally against them taking away guard swaps, I do enjoy them for sure and are very convenient. But in saying it won’t stop stagnation that is totally false. If players aren’t able to do guard swaps, they will have more troops as won’t be able to use them on the crazy amounts of guards a team will kill each pvp. It will actually force people to attack as a team and hunt for glory in the weeks it’s open. There are lots of people that this is their only source of glory. So they would have to actually play right way lol. But this will make the crappy players quit , as won’t be able to get free easy glory. So they will fix this 100%. So don’t have to cry about it.

You do realize, this is needed for teams to build back up troops right?

Nope. I realize nothing. I don’t know how to Atlas. I hardly kill anything. I succ. I just say things out of nowhere because that’s what the forums is for!


And when you and PG’s idea of what this game should look like is finalized, everyone will have quit.

Why do you hate things that players enjoy?

“sniping is not intended!”

“guard swaps not intended!”

“pirates not intended!”

what’s intended?

“it has been discovered that nobody likes glory so we’ll be offering a ridiculous glory nerf. so in tandem with our glory nerf, and no guards, and no sniping, we feel like people will be happier”

fuckin dumbbbbbb

edit: we’ll still snipe though no worries if it’s intended or not :slight_smile:


Mega alliances with their whales at the top with total control. They like to say they’re not intended but then every update they make gives them more power rather than taking away from it.

It’s like saying you want people to eat healthier while throwing an all you can eat McDonalds dinner

We need an answer for this issue tho.
Pvp is the only time when castles can be surrendered safely. We see several teams loosing the castles, when surrendering outside of pvp, as you have no guards and no shield.
But we must have the option to kill off primarchs after surrender, and also to kill guards before surrender.
And I fully agree - PG seems to take away EVERYTHING that is fun or helps teams and players, especially lower ones, and make more and more people quit !


For teams to just fight each other :man_shrugging:, everyone to focus on 5ta’s and not try to control half the board :man_shrugging:. Sniping is a attack tactic, it was intended. All strategies are accepted, besides the need to control others, or to hide behind others since they have control over them and where they can own castles. Why would pirates have been intended, the whole concept was to grab castles and fight for more. Not just to simply do glory and hide in safe zones rest of the time. The problem are too many teams in atlas.

So with this bug, if my team is under sustained attack and depleted in guards has now no way of getting enemy off by sniping them during PVP bubble to add guards?



I kinda like it :laughing: makes folks earn glory on players instead of waiting for pvp to get crap this way would work shut down guards on pvp :smiley: more active folks running around

Could you please unscrew this ASAP?:frowning:

I highly doubt it will have that effect. It is more likely to cause people to give up on Atlas altogether.


Probably but thats just lame it stops lots of teams actually fighting

Hey Everyone,

First, we’re sorry that one of the changes we made yesterday caused issues for everyone. We’re going to work on reverting the change we made. It is going to take a couple of hours I’ll update everyone here when we get to the testing phase.

Once again we’re sorry about this issue and we’ll work to get it resolved as soon as possible.


what changes?


To clarify, this means thing will return back to normal by the end of the day today. We’re still working on fixing the issue, thanks everyone for being patient!


We were able to have a castle surrendered to us yesterday during what was supposed to be the time of the unsurrenderable (yes I know that is not a real word). I just wanted you to know that not all personnel were having issues.