Event Sigil Payouts

Why I thought +50 on upper rewards past the baby prizes wouldn’t do too much damage, also the game isn’t health tbh greed is only causing an imbalance and also the factor there is still bugs in the game on multiple device platforms so technically there is that problem.

Spending does create a healthy game just look at the sigil increase if it increases to 40k next Summer this game has a high chance of dying when that happens.

Imma edit this one last time, if it succeeds 40k sigils for branches either a 3rd discount is going too be recommended or it’s going too have too be considered along with the boost effect for the wave 2 dragon next next Winter / Fall.

Oh there are many issues :rofl: I agree

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That’s unlikely to happen unless the next tier comes out this season, or unless they’re planning to roll it out next season.

That’ll never happen. It was just too easy with two wave discounts, and that’s the whole reason they took it away… so I don’t see them bringing back the two wave discounts, nor do I see them adding another one… especially since most players (definitely not me, I’m far out of this scenario) are able to finish both discounts in the first two weeks of the first wave.


If you look at the mythics this season there are 2 mystery prizes.
I don’t think PG would release 2 tiers in a season, but I do think there will be a new tier this season.
Who knows.


Says who? (Rhetorical question)

Let’s look at this from another perspective.

What is game breaking from people getting mythics easily? Nothing, it just breaks from the “norms” that PG has instilled

Wanna bring in new players? Make crap more accessible

Want those new players to spend money so you can make money? Make their dollar worth something

I get making stuff exclusive so your heavy spenders feel like they are special but excluding 50% of your income while doing it is asinine

Are you new here?


Agree and disagree. Yes things should be accessible. But at the same time there should be things to strive for that are difficult. I am personally not too sure where that line is season wise because I hate things that almost require spending.

There needs to be stuff that is accessible, and a few things that are tough.

That’s my issue exactly :man_shrugging:

I got Hauhezen back in his and Lockjaw’s season without having a single chest saved up at the beginning or any rubies. If that doesn’t prove it was too easy, then I’m not sure what will. This was suddenly after multiple attempts to get mythics season after season… so many good mythics in a row that I tried to get and failed (should have been prepared), then suddenly, I get one without any resources saved up. No amount of gameplay or chest grinding can make me that lucky :joy:

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And yet you are almost 400 on a sapphire team. How “easy” was it before then?


Touché. I guess that does make it easier :joy:

Also, how much time did you have to spend to get your mythic as well bc as they say “time = money”

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All day every day that entire season. I always made sure to do my best in events and stuff.

Edit: not all day, but close to it.


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Forums, yes.
Game, no.

Seems the core aspect of war dragons was once acquiring dragons but it now seems to be shifting to the map!
And yet the dragons you need and the towers you need still lay behind a wall of monetization.
So if they want the map to be the core of the game they might want to loosen monetization by balancing the economy of the core game using density and improving the value of activity not spending!

It would be a good idea to then produce a viable lag free map based on positional dominance and monetize that.

The game could grow and the map might actually function as a solid source of revenue who knows one day that green invite a friend button might actually be a option. lol

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I’m in the 400s on a platinum team so we all don’t need too be in a Sapphire team or be perfect fliers too be in Sapphire Jalen uses Hauheset, and now Hauhezen a lot so that’s why he was in Sapphire at a lower level.

And nothing I mentioned had anything to do with league or flying skill so…I’m not sure what you are saying. My point was that the requirements for this game are asinine. That’s always my point

Point was if you look at that leagues defense powers they are above Empyrean with mythic gear or fully maxed Elite gear so technically it’s harder too hit up in Sapphire which is why I decided too wait till I’m a very high level for that league.

The point he was trying to make was that it’s easier to get a mythic if you’re in a Sapphire+ team (easier than lower leagues especially, but still possible in lower leagues — probably no lower than platinum or Gold I).