Event sigil placement

Ok this type of event I don’t like much! as it is because it forces people to spend to get anywhere!! and I see in this event they have put most of the sigil rewards right down at the bottom with the highest points requirements could they be anymore transparent about this greed?. this is bad as they know you can’t get there unless you spend! They said the sigils requirements for one branch is the same! But the placement of the sigils in the event is out of the reach of most players! Get your act together please as all you will do is force players away from the game as they just can’t see a way to get even one branch with out spending with this type of sigil placement. It’s out of order

I don’t spend and I’m able to finish 2 branches per season at least.

I am with coach, I only pay for elite on my main account and last season I finished the token boost, Necryx and Grogg.

This season I have done the first half of Kayla, Token Boost and will complete Leos. I will also get the first half of another rider for sure.

I started this even with over 100 energy packs and 300 Inner Fire. I farmed chests and saved up a bunch and opened them during treasure hunt. Maybe 1000 bronze and 50 golds. I should hit the 117k reward level this event with ease.

Last fortification I went up from level 106 to 120, used about 300 days of speedups. I don’t spend a lot of money, but I do spend some time in the game.

Edit - Also, do you really expect the best payouts to be lower? The more you grind the more you will get. Also, here is a post showing how the payouts are actually slightly better, and this doesnt even take into account team achievements. Team gauntlet individual price real low

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I only spend for the elite account. Still I am able to get the token bonus, and 2 dragons to a reasonable tier. For me that is garnet…

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If you aren’t a paying player and don’t put in tons of time, why should you get the same exact rewards as other players who do pay and/or put in the time?

I suggest reading this for some helpful hints on how to make the best out of your situation.


I play everyday and put in a lot of hours so I do grind a tonne of hours I have no clue how you get all that done in one season I’m no slacker on this game you must have a million alts you grind on to get rewards to your main to get the rubies for gold chests or you spend and say you don’t I play for about 10 to 12 hours per day

Then you seem to be doing something wrong honestly.


What does alts have to do with anything? Since when can you transfer stuff between accounts?

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Alts can If you don’t know how I’m not saying on here

I’m playing devils advocate here looking at it from what I’m seeing in league chat and clan chats alike! I know I’ll be slated and shot down but they need a voice so I speak up for them. Simple as that I’m a big boy I can take it :joy:

Enjoyed your stream last night coach btw no idea how you get 38k rubies I went from a 112 to a 124 last fortification event my self

Sounds like cheating. I’d advise against that or risk getting the pan from PG. Edit: Yes, I know alts aren’t cheating. I have one lol. Neither is the referral. Mistakenly thought he was boasting of a way to transfer items between accounts.

Not trying to shoot people down necessarily, but when facing these types of things, you can:

A) complain about how it is unfair and demand that PG needs to make a change
B) ask for advice on how to do better in events, get more sigils, and better compete
C) nothing

Up to you to decide. :woman_shrugging:

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You can’t get banned for having alts :joy: but you can get rewards from them I know players that do as for my self I only have this one

Then tell me my friend how do I get more sigils what do you do that I’m not doing ? Please enlighten me ! That’s not me being sarcastic btw. I actually want to know !

You can’t get banned for having alts but how does that help your main? You cannot transfer anything besides Lumber and Food from your alt to your main (And gold if you have atlas). How is million alts beneficial to my name? I would love to know the technique of transferring stuff between accounts.

Yes, I know.

That’s what I’m saying sounds like cheating, if you really are suggesting that alts can trade items and such.

By hitting certain levels like 10,15,20,30,40,Etc

If the Alt is linked to your main you’ll get 500-1000 rubies, Timers and Tokens each time they hit that level…

Having several Alts hitting those levels at specific times with them all It’s a known way to Get your main a decent amount of rubies, Timers and tokens…Pretty sure that’s what he is talking about.

its not cheating trust me it’s all above board

Yes that’s what I’m talking about

Under the refer a friend.

I know people who have 5-10 Alts and veg 10k rubies 5k tokens and 50-60 3 & 12 hr Timers extra each week for very little work into the Alts just transferring lumber from the main lol