Event Spreadsheet Tracker?

Im currently working on a spreadsheet to track all of my prizes for every event and compare progress but I’m having trouble formatting it correctly and wanted to see if anyone wanted to share their own event/season tracker if anyone else made one. If you guys want to see mine I attached a link. It’s unfinished but it’s just a template. Wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions for mine. In mine I track Rubies, Tokens, Sigils, etc for personal, team, and rank rewards.

If there are any excel experts out there I’d love to see if anyone has advice on how to filter for event so that when I filter for breeding, a table will appear with all of the events stats without seeing any other events stats. Or any advice in general.

It won’t let me open it :frowning:

You need to switch the settings to Public so that anyone can view it without permission.

And couldn’t u like make each event a new sheet to when u click on the sheet at the bottom it takes u to that table.

Try now it should be good

Yeah I thought of that but I was trying to find a way to keep everything in one sheet. I’ll probably do that if I can’t find another way

That’s how mine are done, yes it’s very lousy lol but it’s just for me🤣

Yeah I like that I just wanted to be able to filter through all of the events and select which events to view

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Are you talking about something like this (bottom of the page): https://www.wdgeeks.info/feeding


Yeah I saw that but this is something I wanted to personally track my progress and that tracks my team Achievements, Rank achievements and probably the new team quests. I did have a question regarding that though, is that for all leagues or specific leagues?

@mechengg might be able to build a tool for us to publish on the site. He’s a beast.

Those are the individual prizes for all leagues


That would be awesome to have a tool to track event/season progress!!

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You could have the pull tables all on hidden tabs and just a front page where you pull down an event and enter your score and it would auto populate cumulative prizes earned for that event?

Think of something like my event history tracker with an added column for entering your score then a big list of all prizes at the bottom?

Yeah I like that thanks! I’ll work on it and post it when I’m done I just wanted to be able to find a way to filter so if I wanted to see how I did for my past breeding events then I could see a table with all of my stats and then unfilter and then filter by which event I earned the most rubies or something you know.


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Lmao I love that episode and yeah I’m coming to the conclusion that I’m going to have too. I tried to find a way to not use pivots because I usually use excel on my phone which I can’t use pivots

Ooh you added those, nice!

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