Event start clock

In the next update would it be possible to put an event start clock like there is for the start of wars I think it would be very help especially for fortification events and training events


Someone started a thread about this like an hour ago.

I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Even with events run all the time, things don’t get finalized until the last second. So Prize tables aren’t set until like an hour before the event runs, they still have to test the event (there’s usually an update or two in between each iteration of an event, event fort and breed) so they have to check to see what’s screwed up (although obviously they’re not as thorough as they could be) and then they have to hope that the guy that hits the “On” switch isn’t taking a shit when they want to. Not everyone’s bowels run like clockwork.

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This seems like such an odd and overly stressful workflow. One would think that the testing and rollout ought to be ready well in advance. The fact that we have devs and Q&A running til the very last second to finally green light an event basically ensures we wind up with events that are buggy and then require further Q&A afterwards.

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So my explanation is based off two things.

One was an explanation over a year to a year and a half ago on the forums by Pg about why events that get run all the time have different bugs and why they couldn’t/wouldn’t bring back older events like War of Infinite Battles.

The part about prizes being finalized is about 8 months old, that was the explanation being given as to why the CF couldn’t even get the prize info in advance (I was going to do a segment on a blog about prizes and what people should aim for) and there was a CF member that asked for them to help me with this and that’s the answer she was given

I think it was crisis or someone clarified in new forum Too about event starting time.

The way they prepare for events does not guarantee an exact time to go live. Hence the no countdown clock


A clock would be nice. PG can keep changing the time on the clock every 30 minuets if they like. It’s still better than no clock at all.

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I also don’t think they want us to know that if we sign on at a certain time and wait we can use all our wood, etc… As you all know, it’s a madhouse for the first twenty minutes of this comp

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As useful as this would be, everyone would raid everyone’s lumber right before the event starts and it would be chaos. Not to mention changes, errors, delays…
Just know approximately when the event starts in your timezone and be ready. If there’s any delays, they (should hopefully) let us know.

I agree something is better than nothing

6 months ago I would have supported the timer idea.

but 6 months passed, and I say No, thank you!

You ask me why? Here’s why:

  • no exact ETA, no scandal upon delay.
  • less likely to cause chaos before it starts
  • somebody from the team is online, so we notify the entire team

And what if I miss the start? By Sunday the majority of the players run out of speedups, so there are 2 whole days to do whatever I can afford.


but i MUST finish building by Friday so I can enjoy a weekend.


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declare on FLAKs team Friday when he is out enjoying his weekend… noted :wink:



Once upon a time PG did attempt to give a start time for fortification. Event will start in 1 hour. We need another 20min, something came up. Sorry guys we’re gonna need to delay another 30min. Hopefully the last setback, 15min please… Something like 6hrs later event finally starts :grinning:

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Yup remember that, rather not have a start time than be delayed every 10 mins.

I think that is a brilliant idea

Hey aragon!

Look PG has already said numerous times that they WILL NOT give out event start times. This is because there is almost always inadvertent delays. The chorus of discontent welling up from players if they miss this “deadline” will be overwhelming.

Yes you could say they can plan better, but there’s always last minute things or issue that need to be addressed. They’re usually pretty consistent with start times so we’ll just have to live with that.

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They USE TO give times, and people lost their shit the moment there was a one minute delay. For history sake.


Thanks grumpy I’m still figuring out the forums or I may not be able to see it anymore