Event Start Countdown timer please

The most annoying part of LC is between events when every 5 lines is some person asking when the event starts.

Or sitting on a ton of tokens waiting to breed the new tier…

Can we get a timer to countdown the start of the next event please? Everything else worthwhile has a timer already

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They can’t give a countdown because anything can happen that would delay the beginning of the event, so they never give a specific hour, just a time window. I think they tried once or twice to give an hour to start event and things went wrong they received complaints about the event being late, so now they prefer to wait until they are ready to launch the event. If they didn’t check everything one last time, we would probably get bu~ ahem WORSE bugs at the start of the event…

I cant imagine a fortification Event with Countdown timer, you will find no lumber after the Event starts.

Breeding is less violent fortunately… :sweat_smile: Well except for Dragons…

Yeah, it’s largely this. Many teams internally need to sign off on an event before it goes live, which is why an event start time can range from the “early” side (like RIGHT NOW with the Breeding Event that just went live!) to the “late” side, which is ~4-5 hours from now. We try our best to keep it within this window every Wednesday so you know roughly when events will go live. If things are delayed significantly, we’ll be sure to update everyone on our various Dragons channels! :slight_smile:

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I had brought this up before and now I see it’s for real. Why can’t everybody start at the same time. Why does there have to be a “ late side”

Because there can be delays that PG can’t do anything about sometimes…

Everybody DOES start at the same time. I think you mean why can’t all events start at the same time. In that case, it is because:


I don’t think a countdown timer would be as nice as a lot of people think. Instead of hoping to be able to get in and upgrade a big building with what you have in storage, you’d be getting pillaged left and right in the moments leading up to the countdown ending. Would be won, lost, much wasted due to nobody spending any of it and then event hits and you better hope you came out on top of that skirmish. Then back to normal fort, except with more wood missing from the economy due to the skirmish with zero people using any wood.

This used to bother me.

Now I go to sleep, have a nice nap.

I can confidently say there is always enough lumber during fort event, in fact you can hardly get rid of it in the last two days.

Breeding has zero rush.

Wake up , breed whatever (assuming they were available cough cough), get the 3 multis in before reset, get on with life.

Much less stressful, very much same outcome


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