Event start time consistent?


Any specific time for event start?


For safe measures always wait until tomorrow for minor events before you spend your saved up RSS :slight_smile:

(sarcastic btw)


nope… never has been
there are estimates, but even those aren’t set in stone


What’s the best way of knowing if event started ?


Quit and restart the game
Get updates from teammates who are quitting and restarting
Get announcement from reliable line chat group


Wish PG had a way to inform us


There are 2 ways:

  1. look for wood… if there isnt any… the event has started.

  2. if you’ve been raided 15 times in 3 seconds… the event has started…

They do… it’s always about 30 minutes after event has started :grin:



Lol good one


If you see a shit ton of defensive banners for your base, you might want to restart the game to see if the event is live :wink:


Haha …


Check Thursday. Especially during fort/feed.


Or if you fly constantly and chests start dropping :), you know the event has started


Nicee :slight_smile:


@PGChocolate and @PGRocket why since you took over the events, everything is messed up? :man_shrugging:t2:


It’s still 40 minutes before the normal start time, what are you on about exactly?


Having some fun time to pass those 40mins :slight_smile: so that I don’t dose off


It started


It started within 2 min of its average start time.

And this thread has an almost identical title to one that gets created every single event. Please don’t forget to use the search function.


events were messed up before ChocRocks.

On topic I’m guessing the event start times can be confusing for people who don’t do dst or do it on different dates.
I’m still dumbfounded that some things are clearly based on a changing clock while others aren’t.


Best way honestly… is multiple notifications for teammates being attacked or notifications you’re being attacked…I’d lol but it’s the truth soooo :man_shrugging:t2: