Event Start Time


Would love for PG to put time of event starts when they announce what event is coming. Would help to be able to be online when the events start


They have said they won’t because sometimes there are delays.

They did a few times, and it went “another 30m…now another hour…”


LOL - of course, the last few times the Fortification event started ‘early’ (well, for me anyways, sometime around 3p/4p EDT) - and today, I vowed to be ‘online and ready’…
So here I sit…ROFL!!

Although, I suspect that the issue that happened earlier, with War Attacks and RSS Transfers being borked, my have pushed the start time back a wee bit…

Event start time announcement

This is exactly correct. If we say “All events will go live at 2pm Pacific Time” and then an issue occurs and the event goes live at 4pm we get excoriated. Better to just focus on getting the events out smoothly as opposed to setting an arbitrary timer on ourselves.


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